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5 tricks to make better use of car heating and consume less gasoline


5 tricks to make better use of car heating and consume less gasoline

In winter, it is necessary to activate the heating of the car to drive with an adequate temperature, but it is advisable to follow these five tricks to do it more efficiently.

Driving with an adequate temperature is essential to guarantee safety. That implies using the air conditioning in summer and heating in winter. The problem is that, in both cases, it affects fuel consumption. So here are five tricks to better use the car’s heating and consume less gasoline.

We are in winter and in many areas of Spain the temperatures can be very low. Just as in summer you should not drive with excessive temperatures, because it can cause fatigue, dehydration and decrease attention, neither in winter should you drive with too low a temperature.

Comfort on board is an element that also influences road safety, because it reduces fatigue, maintains concentration much better, decreases your reaction time to any unforeseen event and reduces distractions behind the wheel.

But, to make better use of the car’s heating and consume less gasoline, it is not necessary to wrap up too much, with bulky outerwear, use gloves, scarves or hats. The best thing, in addition to adapting your clothes to the needs of driving, is to follow the advice that we give you below.

1. Take advantage of the sun to better use the car’s heating

Tricks to better use the car heating and consume less gasoline

If in summer it is advisable to park the car in shady areas, in winter the sun can become your best ally, so it is best to leave it in the sun, whenever possible.

This will allow the interior temperature to stay a few degrees higher, so that when you get back in the car, it may not be necessary to turn on the heating, or at least put it on for a short time. If you have a glass roof, remove the curtain so that the sun’s rays penetrate better.

2. Wait for the engine to warm up

Tricks to better use the car heating and consume less gasoline

It is useless to get in the car, start the engine and immediately turn on the heating, since you will force the system to work without the engine having started to generate heat by itself. This will mean that, during the first few minutes, only cold air comes out of the nozzles and forces the mechanics, thus increasing gasoline consumption.

Therefore, start the car so that the system does not pull the battery or wear it out prematurely. Once the engine reaches its optimum temperature, you can turn on the heating.

On the other hand, do not contact with the heated rear window on or with the heated seats, if you have them. You may not need them until you start the march and you can reduce consumption a bit.

3. Aerodynamic flow

Tricks to better use the car heating and consume less gasoline

To save gasoline when you use the car heater, the ideal is to turn off the air recirculation so that all the air flow from the outside reaches the car radiator with the greatest possible force and, therefore, the hot air reaches the passenger compartment sooner.

For this trick to have more effect, do not forget to keep the exterior grilles of the car free of leaf litter, something very typical of autumn, and of any element that obstructs them, such as branches, dust or bird droppings.

In addition, with this system, it is most likely that the fan will not have to be connected, therefore, you save a consumable and, consequently, you save a few tenths of a percentage point on consumption. The bad thing is that in many current cars it is no longer possible to get air from outside if you do not connect the entire air conditioning system.

4. Optimal temperature

Following the advice of AECA-ITV, the DGT recommends that the temperature inside the car should be between 19 and 22 degrees at most. When you get into the car, no matter how cold you are, do not raise the degrees of the air conditioning or put the heating on full.

It is best to select an intermediate temperature, between 20 and 22 degrees, and that the car provides it, whether you have an old vehicle, with mechanical controls with wheels and levers, or a modern one with climate control.

This trick to use the car heater and consume less gasoline is especially important, because the expense will be higher if you demand much more effort from the machine, if you set a very high temperature. Thus, you will only manage to waste energy.

5. Direct the air towards the feet

Tricks to better use the car heating and consume less gasoline

Hot air rises and cold air descends. This basic principle of physics is applied to the air conditioning system of the car, therefore, to use the heating in a more efficient way, the air outlet must be directed towards the feet. In this way, the hot air will rise and heat the rest of the cabin.

Otherwise, if you direct the air vents upwards or horizontally, the heat will accumulate in that area and there will be a noticeable difference in temperature between the feet and the head.


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