A classic: this program has been cleaning and optimizing your PC for 40 years


As the months go by since we last installed the operating system on our PC, the system gets slower and slower. Much of the blame lies with the applications we install, applications that always modify the Windows registry. In addition, they also accumulate unnecessary junk files on the computer, so hard disk space is reduced if we don’t use applications that help us automate this task, such as Norton Utilities.

Norton is a veteran developer of applications of all kinds, although in recent years he has focused his activity mainly on antivirus applications such as Norton Antivirus and system optimization, such as Norton Utilities, one of the best applications for optimizing operation. Windows.

What Norton Utilities offers us

Norton Utilities is an application that allows us to improve the performance of our PC, just like we can do with CCleaner, however, the solution offered by Norton is much more complete and less intrusive in terms of privacy than the one offered by CCleaner .

If our team has begun to show symptoms that it is having a hard time starting and opening applications, continuously reading the hard drive, presenting errors on the screen, this is a clear indication that it needs a tune-up. But, in addition, thanks to Norton Utilities, we can also optimize our Internet connection, protect the computer when it’s not active, perform file searches, recover deleted files, safely delete files and much more.

What can we do

Norton Utilities puts different functions at our disposal to optimize the performance and operation of our PC through 5 categories.


The information tab shows us a summary of our system together with suggestions to improve its operation, the free space available together with a function that allows us to automatically optimize the equipment with just one click.

Norton Utilities

Click on the One-Click Optimization button, the application will automatically analyze the computer to search for errors, fix them and offer us a series of tips to improve the performance of the computer.


Within this Performance tab, we have the possibility of separately accessing all the functions offered by the application, such as the possibility of analyzing and cleaning the Windows registry, compacting and optimizing the Windows registry, defragmenting storage units, optimizing operation in Windows using preset Windows optimizations and speed up Windows startup.

Norton Utilities Performance

So that we know the last time we analyzed the equipment, and to consider whether another analysis is necessary, on the left side of this window, a summary is displayed with the date on which we last analyzed the equipment, together with the number of problems detected and repaired as well as the last time we defragmented the computer.


The privacy section of Norton Utilities focuses on improving the privacy of users, allowing us to delete the Windows search history, the browsing history of the browsers that we have installed on the computer, traces of software from other manufacturers, as well as a function that It allows us to free up disk space and safely delete files so that they cannot be recovered using any special software.

Privacy Norton Utilities


But Norton Utilities is not only an application to optimize the operation of any Windows PC, but also includes a tool that allows us to recover files that we have deleted on the computer. In addition, it allows us to search for duplicate files, repair drives, restore a backup copy of the Windows registry, and free up space by removing applications that we have installed on the computer. In this sense, the application records each time we open an application to suggest that we delete it if we haven’t used it for more than a month.

Norton File Recovery


Within the configuration options of Norton Utilities, we can configure parameters for the operation of the application, such as automatically solving the problems found in the registry, modifying the algorithm to eliminate files without the possibility of recovery from our PC, receiving notifications when not we use applications for a certain time, schedule the operation of the defragmenter and much more.

Norton Utilities Settings

Minimum requirements

To be able to use Norton Utilities, our computer must be managed, at least by a version of Windows 7 onwards, both 32 and 64 bits. The minimum memory required is 1 GB for 32-bit versions of Windows and 2 GB for 64-bit versions. In addition, it is necessary to install the .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher. The application occupies just over 100 MB, requires a minimum resolution of 1024×768 and an internet connection to activate the product so that the application can be updated regularly.

How to download Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities is not a free application, it is priced at 69 euros, although in most of the time, we can always find offers at half the price. Unlike other applications, which offer a limited version, Norton allows us to download the complete application with all functions activated but limited to 30 days.

After that time, if we want to continue using the application, we must go through the box and buy a valid license. We can download the 30-day trial version from the Norton Utilities website, which we can access through the following link.


Norton Utilities, as its name describes, is a set of utilities that allows us to keep our PC working properly. It includes all kinds of tools that allow us to speed up Windows startup, repair registry errors, permanently delete files from our PC without the possibility of being recovered, and even recover files that we have deleted.

In addition, it also includes a defragmenter to improve the functioning of the hard drive, privacy functions to eliminate the trace of our searches in Windows, make backup copies of the registry and restore copies, and much more.

This application is the most complete application currently available on the market and with which we can optimize and maintain the proper functioning of our equipment without having to resort to different applications.

The only thing about the application is that it is not free. Norton Utilities includes a trial period of up to 30 days, after which, we must buy a license that costs 69 euros. But, it’s not all bad, since this license can be used on up to 10 computers, so we can buy the license with other friends and it only costs us 6.9 euros each year, since the license is not purchased , but we pay for a subscription.

If we don’t have any group of friends or family with whom to share the license, the 69 euros it costs are too expensive, since it is not a one-time purchase, but a recurring purchase every year.


As I have mentioned above, Norton Utilities is the most complete application available on the market to optimize the operation of any computer. However, if our pocket does not allow us to pay the money it costs, we can choose one of these alternatives.

  • CCleaner. This is the best known application for optimizing PC performance, however, it lacks most of the features of Norton Utilities, but it does offer a free version to use with some limitations. Discharge CCleaner.

  • TuneUp. TuneUp is an application that focuses on cleaning junk files and optimizing the Windows registry, a very simple and intuitive application that we can download and use for free through the following link.


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