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A video explains the mystery of Ford’s iconic Mysticrome paint


A video explains the mystery of Ford’s iconic Mysticrome paint

A very peculiar blue.

Ford’s Mystichrome paint is one of the most unique and iconic in motoring history, but also one of the most enigmatic. Now, a video has revealed the secret of this peculiar blue color.

When Henry Ford produced the Model T, inaugurating the mass-production car (and making it a mass product), he said of car color: “A customer can have his car any color he wants, as long as he wants it to be the color he wants. black”.

Decades later, the brand began to focus on color and created Mystichrome paint, a paint so rare and exclusive that only 500 Mustang Cobra coupes and 500 cabriolets sport it.

Video Reveals Mystery of Ford’s Iconic Mysticrome Paint


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Now, the Youtuber ThatDudeInBlue has visited a workshop where one of those Cobra with the famous painting had to receive a review, after colliding with an animal on the road, and has made a video with the person in charge of painting it, explaining the legend that surrounds this color.

Originally, when the color Mystichrome came out, only a few shops were authorized to paint a vehicle with that paint. Even a brand representative had to be present when the paint was brought in, supervised the work and returned to the manufacturer.

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In theory, this was done because variants of the toners used to create the paint were also used in anti-counterfeiting measures on the $20 bill at the time. Therefore, the representative was responsible for ensuring that the paint was used for its purpose.

Today, many more shops are authorized by Ford to use Mystichrome paint, so there is no longer a need for someone from the company to supervise the work.

As explained in the video, just 450 grams of the mysterious paint costs around $26,000.


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