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All vehicles that will have to pass the ITV every six months in 2023


All vehicles that will have to pass the ITV every six months in 2023

Seniority is the key.

The ITV is a procedure that every motorized wheeled vehicle, whatever its type, must eventually go through. Of course, the periods that pass between one and the other vary depending on the type and age of the same, until reaching the minimum that is requested: six months. These are all the vehicles that will have to pass the ITV every six months in 2023.

Most are exempt from going through the procedure during their first years of existence and, as they get older, the times are shortened until, eventually, only in certain cases, they are forced to go through the ITV every six months. We tell you what they are.

driving school cars

They are the only cars per se that ever have to pass it every six months, the rest are larger and heavier vehicles. These cars begin to pass it with said periodicity from the age of five.

Light commercials of less than 3,500 kilos

One of the main novelties within the ITV in 2023 is that light vehicles intended for the transport of goods with a MMA of less than 3,500 kilos.

They are exempt from passing the ITV during their first two years of life, between the ages of two and six they pass it biannually and, from then on, annually. Once they are over 10 years old, their terms are shortened and they have to start passing the ITV every six months.

Heavy vehicles

Trucks and trailers with a GVW greater than 3,500 kilos are included in this category. It is a type of vehicle that since it leaves the factory has to undergo an annual review, but once they reach a decade, they have to do it every six months.


The regulations are even more demanding with buses, because, although heavy vehicles have to be inspected annually from the outset, this periodicity only extends for the first five years and, from then on, the passage through the station must be every six months.

public service vehicles

This category includes ambulances or taxis, among other vehicles. They have exactly the same periodicity to pass the technical inspection as the previous group: once they reach their first year they pass their first ITV, they do it annually until they are five and, from then on, they have to pass it every six months.

Other important changes in the ITV in 2023

As of older, a new aspect will begin to be analyzed in the cars that go through the ITV: that the eCall system installed in the vehicles works correctly.

But it is not the only novelty: information will also begin to be collected on the consumption of vehicles that have been registered as of January 1, 2021.


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