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Alonso’s next test with Aston Martin could be in Spain


Alonso’s next test with Aston Martin could be in Spain

Motorsport Images
Motorsport Images

Fernando Alonso could get back into the 2022 Aston Martin in a Pirelli test before the start of next season.

Fernando Alonso’s next test with Aston Martin could take place in Spain, specifically at the Circuito de Jerez. After participating in the post-Grand Prix practice in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, Alonso may return to driving the Aston Martin AMR22 before the start of the 2023 pre-season.

The next time Alonso gets on the Aston Martin F1 it could be in a new Pirelli test to test the new 2023 tires, which Fernando would take advantage of to continue his ‘shooting’ with the new team. Every kilometer is very valuable in order to accelerate his learning with the team with which he will compete during the next two seasons.


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This new test responds to Pirelli’s desire to continue developing and testing its 2023 tires, both in dry and wet conditions. At the beginning of December, on the 3rd and 4th, Alfa Romeo will run on the Paul Ricard circuit; only three days later, Ferrari will do the same in Fiorano, and in the middle of the month, Alpha Tauri in Portimao.

At the beginning of February, Mercedes will start the month with two days of testing at Paul Ricard, and on days 3 and 4, Alpha Tauri will run on the same track. Right after it will be Aston Martin’s turn on February 7 and 8, which will be when Alonso could have the opportunity to drive the AMR22 again, at the Circuito de Jerez. Mercedes will also travel there.

After these (possible) tests with the 2022 Aston Martin car, the presentation of the new car (whose date is not yet known) of the British team will arrive and the 2023 pre-season tests will start, just before the start of the calendar.

The F1 2023 preseason, outside our country

Test Alonso Aston Martin Abu Dhabi

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Unfortunately, the F1 2023 pre-season tests will not be held in Spain. The only tests with the new cars, before the start of the season in Bahrain on March 5, will take place at the same Sakhir track, between February 23 and 25, specifically one week before the first race.

Despite the fact that they have done it habitually and historically, Barcelona falls out of pre-season training with the aim of reducing costs. And, as a consequence, fans will have to wait until the Spanish Grand Prix (June 2-4) to see Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz on the track live and direct.


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