Black Friday, Christmas… avoid going crazy with purchases with this Amazon function


At this time and for a long time, Amazon has been considered one of the leading stores in everything related to electronic commerce. What began as a book store has become a website where we can find almost anything.

And not only that, but we also have the possibility of subscribing to its Amazon Prime model, which also offers us many other very interesting services. Perhaps at first what will bring us the most benefit is the possibility of not paying for shipping costs. But it is that we will also have a streaming video platform on demand, another for music, or a cloud storage service for photos. That is precisely why users from all over the globe decide to pay this annual or monthly subscription, depending on the needs.

It is also important to know that we can establish several payment methods or create our own personalized wish lists. It is precisely these last elements that we want to focus on below. As you can imagine, this is where we are going to include those Amazon products that we may be interested in purchasing later. It is worth mentioning that we have the possibility of creating several wish lists and thus distribute the products as best suits us. We can create several lists of different categories or types of products.

In addition, these wish lists allow us to keep up to date with the price drops that the added products suffer over time. In fact, the online store itself will notify us in different ways when any of these additions suffers a price drop, more than anything in case we want to take advantage of it.

Advantages of creating public wish lists on Amazon

It must be taken into account that at first we created personal wish lists to consult ourselves and store those products in which we are interested. In this way, later we can buy them on Amazon more directly and without forgetting anything. But it can also be the case, in case we don’t know it, that we opt for creating public wish lists.

If you have never used this functionality that the electronic commerce giant offers us, say that we are going to find some interesting advantages. The mode of operation and objective of these public lists is the same as the private ones. This means that here we can save those products in which we are interested and that we find in the online store. However, we can share this list with other users just by pressing the Invite button, for which we only need an email.

amazon public list

We can also share the corresponding link to that list on any blog or web page for all those who want to take a look at it. It is worth mentioning that when inviting other users we have the possibility of establishing that it is only for consultation, or that it can also be edited. Whatever our decision, the most interesting thing here is that those people with whom we share our wish list will be able to buy what is stored on them.

This means that we can use these public lists if it is going to be our birthday, for a wedding list, gifts for our baby, Black Friday, Christmas gifts, or for any other event that comes to mind. Those who are invited to it, will be able to buy what they want for us and that it arrives comfortably at home, which is not bad.


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