Buy all the tickets you want from your mobile with these apps


As is normal, having a mobile phone with Internet access gives us a series of advantages. One of them is to download all kinds of applications. Within that world, we find a great variety of alternatives. But, this time, we will see a list of applications that will be of great help if you are used to buying movie tickets, concerts, festivals, theater… online.

There are many options that we can take into account, although for this occasion we have prepared up to four different apps that you can use on both Android and iOS. And it is that, with these applications for smartphones you will save yourself having to wait in endless queues or, better yet, you will even be able to find offers.


This is one of the best known options. Not only do we find its website, but we can also download its application on our mobile. The operating system will not matter, as it is available for iPhone and Android mobiles:

From this application we will be lucky enough to set alarms so that they notify us when concert tickets, events, etc., that are to our liking, go on sale. In this way, we will always be aware of whether a singer or show that we want to see arrives in our city.

Ticketmaster App


The second app on this list will also allow us to buy tickets quickly from any smartphone, whether Android or iOS. In addition, we can buy tickets for both online events and those that are organized in person. And not only this, but it will also help us discover the next shows or events that are being organized in the coming days.

developer: Eventbrite

In addition, it will allow us to add upcoming events to the calendar, as well as the option to save our credit or debit cards so that, in future purchases, we do not have to enter all the data again. Finally, we can receive from this app personalized recommendations for events that are always related to what we like the most.

Eventbrite app

His name already tells us what we were looking for. However, this app, which is available for both Android and iOS, will allow us to acquire tickets for the different movies that are released in theaters, shows of all kinds, events, sports, exhibitions… and a long list of possibilities.

In addition, from the app they assure us that the purchase will be easy, fast and completely safe. Within its functionalities, we find ourselves with the possibility of customizing the app to our tastes, that is, we can get it to be based on our tastes in music, movies, and even the city in which we live will also depend.



Finally, we find TicketSwap, another application that will let us buy all kinds of tickets at the best price at any time. And not only this, but we can also sell tickets, whether for concerts, festivals, clubs, etc.

At the time of bursting a ticket, you can only increase the original price up to 20%. The app itself will tell us this information. In any case, it is another of the great options that mobile users use when they want to find tickets of all kinds, whether to attend an event, show or festival.

TicketSwap App


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