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Can I drive while on medical leave?


Can I drive while on medical leave?

It may seem obvious, but it is not so clear. We tell you if it is allowed or not to drive if you are on medical leave from work.

The DGT is strict: “drivers must be able to control their vehicles at all times and maintain their own freedom of movement to guarantee their own safety, that of the other occupants of the vehicle and that of other road users”. In addition, it warns about some dangerous driving diseases because they increase the risk of accidents.

There are several pathologies and injuries that are incompatible with driving, so it must be clear if we can get behind the wheel during the leave.

As a general rule, the logical thing is that we apply our criteria and, if the illness or injury does not prevent us from getting behind the wheel, there is probably no problem in doing so. However, the doctor will have the last word.

According to Tráfico Ayuda, if the professional considers it so, they can provide a report to the patient, in which it is confirmed that that person can drive, even if they are on medical or work leave.

Without this document, when driving when the illness or injury could worsen or slow down the recovery process, the economic benefit received for the leave would be lost.

In addition, you could also lose your job for driving, for example, a motorcycle during a leave due to neck pain. This is demonstrated by this sentence, in which the company appointed a private detective to one of its employees:

“You are verifying, at least, an activity that is inconsistent and unjustified for your healing process and that unduly prolongs your sick leave, because it is an activity that, by itself, forces you to tense and contract the neck and paracervical musculature” […] “He transgresses good faith, not only with respect to his employer, but also the public system that pays for a temporary disability.”

Among the most frequent reasons for sick leave or accident in Spain are:

LOW BACK PAIN: is the second most chronic health problem and is the reason for 12.5% ​​of sick leave. In this case, the intense pain generated is incompatible with driving. Analgesics, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants are recommended for its treatment, so driving is not allowed due to its side effects.

CERVICALGIA: it is the fourth most frequent cause of temporary incapacity for work and has similar characteristics to the previous ones: cervical pain prevents almost total mobility in this area. Most patients will need between three and six weeks of treatment until they are cured. While said treatment lasts and until the medical discharge is received, you cannot drive.

ANXIETY: it is the most frequent mental health problem in primary care. Its symptoms are dizziness, tachycardia or excessive sweating. It can also cause loss of attention while driving, due to the effects of the medication. For this reason, a person who is on leave from work due to anxiety needs a report from a psychologist or psychiatrist to drive.

It must be taken into account that they can penalize us with up to 6,000 euros for driving while on leave when the disease is not compatible with driving.

Finally, it is important to know that, when suffering a car accident while on leave, and depending on the type of vehicle insurance policy, the company may have clauses on this subject.

In them it can be detailed that in these cases the damages generated are not covered. However, if we find ourselves in these circumstances, and in case of any doubt, it is always advisable to let us advise a professional.

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