Chrome extensions for YouTube – Improve the positioning of your videos

Chrome extensions for YouTube – Improve the positioning of your videos

Right now YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos, being a very important tool for podcasters, musicians and even amateur content creators. If you are one of these users, continue reading to learn how to use Chrome extensions for YouTube – improve the positioning of your videos.

Its globalization is probably due to the fact that this website is available in 76 languages ​​and many countries in the world have access to it both to view and share videos.

Due to this level of exposure, youtubers, as the content creators of this platform are known, have been increasing in recent years.

But possibly, you, as a YouTube user to expose your content, will have noticed that getting your videos positioned among the first search options or increasing the views of your videos can become a bit complicated.

In this sense, Google Chrome offers a series of extensions that can be of help. Next, we explain what they are and how you can use them.

Tags for YouTube improve your positioning

YouTube metrics in positioning

Currently YouTube does not keep all the tags used when posting the videos visible. That’s where this extension comes in handy.

To get it, go to the Chrome Web Store, type Tags for Youtube in the search bar and then press the add to Chrome button.

You must refresh your Chrome browser by pressing F5 on your keyboard, to ensure that the extension starts working.

Once the extension is installed you can access YouTube and search for a related video with the content you want to publish. Choose one of the first search results.

Once inside, go to the end of the video description and press the Show More option to extend the tab, it will show you the tags that have been used in the video you selected.

You can copy these keyword tags from Keyword and save them in a document or notepad to use when uploading your video to the YouTube website.

Additionally, you can add others that you consider appropriate for your content, as many as you think necessary.

In addition to helping better position your video andIn search results, using tags allows YouTube to classify the type of content you’re posting.

The most advisable thing is to use between 5 and 10 labels since you will have a better chance of being among the most popular.

VidIQ Vision for YouTube

VidIQ logo with black background

VidIQ Vision for YouTube is another extension really helpful in improving video positioning.

A paid version and a free version are available in the Chrome Web Store. For this case, the free version offers the necessary tools.

Once you have the extension installed in your Google Chrome browser, you can access YouTube and search for a video with content similar to yours.

When you open the list of videos you will notice that in the right side a box corresponding to the extension that shows you related information.

enter this information you can watch andvisit statistics, video and channel tags, video SEO score, and social stats. The paid version offers even more features.

For this case you are interested in going to the option Withrelated consultations, which shows you the keywords related to the title you have searched for.

With this information you can choose a title for your video that goes according to the most popular search among users

In addition, you will know what people are looking for, which can give you ideas to create your next video.

Dare to make use of these two effective extensions, in this way you will be able to use the tags and the title of the videos in your favor.

This will bring you as a result in a noticeable improvement in the positioning in the search results of your videos. If you are not only looking to position videos but to make successful videos, it is also possible.

With this you can use the best Chrome extensions for YouTube that improves the positioning of your videos.


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