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Citroën C5 X Hybrid test: for non-conformists


Citroën C5 X Hybrid test: for non-conformists

Plug-in hybrid, with 225 hp.

Sometimes getting off the beaten track is the best way to success. The saloons are in the doldrums and Citroën raised: Shall we stop manufacturing them? No, we better give them a spin. And here is the new C5 X, a car that adds coupé and even SUV features, which is what everyone is looking for. Is it the right formula? I’ll check it out.

I admit that its aesthetics do not finish convincing me, but that is something subjective and maybe you love it. In addition, it is still true that it is a very different model, and that is good to distinguish itself from competitors.

Citroën C5 X test: for non-conformists

There are three mechanical versions available: a 130 hp 1.2 PureTech petrol, a 180 hp 1.6 PureTech and, finally, the one I have driven in this test, which is the 225 hp plug-in hybrid. It is based on the 1.6 petrol and adds an 81 hp electric drive and a 12.4 kWh battery.

The benefits it achieves are not bad at all, but what you should pay more attention to is its efficiency. And the truth is that the consumption that I have obtained in this test is really good: 4.6 l/100 km and in electric mode (you can maintain it up to 135 km/h) 10.6 kWh. Thus, the total autonomy is more than 550 km, with the advantage that on a day-to-day basis, with its 47 electric km, you can leave the cost per use practically at zero.

If you consider it as a car to travel, it is certainly not a bad option, because it has that soft and comfortable response so typical of French sedans. This is how its adaptive suspension is configured and also its seats, which are spacious and comfortable, although perhaps they could have more support in the lumbar area. The steering follows that same smooth line, but I don’t like that as much, because it’s not entirely precise and it doesn’t always tell you exactly what’s going on under the wheels.


Citroën C5 X test: For non-conformists

When it comes to space, you’ll love the enormous legroom available, thanks to its nearly 2.8-meter wheelbase. But the headroom isn’t that great, due to the sloping roofline.

The trunk of this PHEV model offers 485 liters of capacity. Therefore, it loses 60 liters compared to gasoline models, due to the space occupied by the batteries. And that in a large car with which you are going to travel is not exactly a good thing.

Regarding technology, the Shine Pack version that I have tested comes standard with a 12″ main screen (in the Feel finish it is 10″), a 7″ digital dashboard and full wireless connectivity


The best

Striking and different design. Careful and comfortable interior. Excellent comfort.


Touch screen with confusing menus. Navigation system with improved graphics. Voice control is not quite fine.


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