Connect and configure a Bluetooth selfie stick to the mobile


Connecting the selfie stick to our mobile device is rewarding when it comes to taking a selfie from above. That is why here we will teach you step by step how to connect this innovative device to your Android mobile to enjoy your photos.

The cane or selfie stick today has become a very famous creation, since it is now renewed every season, offering several options of it. Likewise, so that your photos do not have any type of limitations in terms of your face or the environment, noting everything in general.

How to connect and configure it?

First of all, you have to make sure that your selfie stick has enough battery, since it works with bluetooth to be able to connect with your mobile device. Keep in mind that each selfie stick has its own configuration, but in general, this is the most common way it is done.

So, after making sure that the cane is charged, you will have to activate bluetooth both on it and on your Android mobile in order to synchronize them. Subsequently, the brand of our selfie stick is searched on the Android device and when such a brand appears, you click on it to link and connect it.

Once your device is connected for security, it will ask you a series of questions, including: Do you want your stick to remember the connection to your device the next time? By answering affirmatively with a “YES” every time you activate it, the devices will automatically maintain the connection.

And that’s it, you’ll already be enjoying this great connection to be able to take your selfies and with just a click it will take them automatically without any complications, super easy and fast.

It is important to keep in mind that when buying a selfie stick you have to choose it in a good way, when buying a stick with its trigger on the handle. This way you can avoid many discomforts when taking the selfie.

Another suggestion is that you have to make sure that it contains a good bra, in order to be confident that our device will not fall or slip in any way.

Now, the bluetooth selfie stick will always be a very useful tool, since it is not going out of style. Thanks to it we can include everyone, so that friends, family and pets appear in a single photograph without any problem at big events, in this way we will not miss out on capturing anything.

selfie stick with bluetooth

How to connect a cane or Selfie stick to the mobile

Selfie sticks are commonly connect via bluetooth, you have to check that your club has enough charge, since they require energy to work. Now turn on your selfie stick, it has a button that is the same with which the photos are taken, then you must activate the bluetooth of your phone and look for one that says the brand of the stick; Once you select it, a link will be made between the two and you are ready to use it.

Set up Bluetooth selfie stick on Android

Connecting your selfie stick to an android is not science, as it can be the same procedure for all teams. The first thing you have to do is charge it before, since they come with very little battery, now you must put it on connection and this is done by pressing the power button until it flashes or changes color, depending on the brand of your club.

You have to go to the part of the phone that says settings so that you can activate bluetooth and start the search for new devices and when you see the name of the stick in the list you press it and it is already synchronized, android asks you if you want to remember this connection and you give it yes, so you don’t have to do it again and it is saved.

Now it is synchronized, just place your phone in the holder and open the camera, you can start taking photos and that’s it, it’s a very easy and simple process.

Set up Bluetooth selfie stick on iPhone

These steps are very simple and should work for all iPhones, most do not need apps to install a selfie stick.

  • Turn on your iPhone.
  • Tap the camera icon and then go to camera settings.
  • Select an option that says The volume key to, and select whether you want to put a video or an image.
  • Put your phone in the holder.
  • Turn on the camera.
  • Connect the cable that comes with the stick to your iPhone.
  • Done, you can now take all the photos you want.

How to charge the bluetooth selfie stick

It is something very simple to do, you just have to connect its charger to the input that it has on the part of the handle or where you grab it, you have to be aware of the light of the on and off button, since this is the one that will indicate when charging is complete.

phone with selfie stick

How to use the Wired Selfie Stick

It is something very simple, you just have to place your phone on the selfie stick support and adjust it very well, then connect the cable that comes with your equipment, then you must pair them via bluetoothand when you do, it’s ready to use.

Why is the selfie stick not working on my cell phone?

Many times a selfie stick does not work, since in order for it to work it must meet the system requirements, you must check the connectivity profiles and also the compatibility of this accessory with the different systems that are on the market today, so you must make sure that it is compatible with your cell phone.

Apps to set up and use your selfie stick on Android

There are also several useful applications to configure the selfie stick to your device, since they are tools that have been created during these last years making everyone interested.

One of the most outstanding is: Selfieshop, highly recommended when capturing a photograph. It works from Android and iOS devices in the same way via bluetooth. This app is widely used because it achieves the effect that every user expects and you can download it from the PlayStore.

On the other hand, in the Best me selfie application you can count on the function of taking a great selfie to modify your images, so you can get the good result you expect from it.

woman photographing herself with selfie stick

Best selfie apps for Android

Without a doubt, the selfies had a great impact on social networks, since they now come with their respective filters, causing the tone and color of the image to change. That is why I will show you the best APPs so that your selfies come out as you want, giving your personal touch, making them attract the attention of all users.

You can download the selfie app of B612, it has a good photo taking, changing your face with its filters, making a number of favorable effects.

Another of the best applications that you can count on for a good effect and perfect selfies is Retrica, allowing you to play with its multiple filters. Of course you will also have options for your collages. You will get available to download both Android and iOS. With the filters offered by these applications you will get good results in your selfies, you and your cane will be a great team.


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