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DGT fees: how much, when and how to pay them


DGT fees: how much, when and how to pay them

Renewing the driving license, requesting a duplicate of the circulation or notifying a sale are some of the traffic procedures for which you have to pay. The price of the DGT fees is updated every year and depends on the procedure to be carried out. We tell you which ones require you to checkout, as well as how much and how to pay for them.

The DGT rates are grouped into four large sections:

  • Procedures related to the vehicle: registration; notice of sale; lost; theft or deterioration of documentation; low and high procedures; vehicle report; address change; environmental label…
  • Procedures associated with the driving license: processing of a new license; renewal; duplicate; address change…
  • Procedures related to medical examination centers: center opening; high and low personnel; inspections…
  • Procedures related to the activity of driving schools and training centers: opening of a center; staff and vehicle; inspections…

The driver pays for the first two blocks, so we focus on those…

Traffic fees, how much do they cost

These are the fees that you will have to pay to carry out procedures related to the circulation permit:

Concept Code Price
Issuance of circulation permits 1.1 €99.77
Issuance of circulation licenses for mopeds and their changes of ownership 1.2 €27.85
Processing of application for complementary circulation authorizations and their modifications provided for in article 14 of the General Vehicle Regulations: included in the amount of the fee any modification of the initial authorization 1.3 132.72
Duplicate of the Circulation Permit 4.4 €20.81
Temporary permits and authorizations for transfers and vehicle tests and special authorizations due to the vehicle or use of the road 1.4 €20.61
Changes of ownership of circulation permits (Transfer car) 1.5 €55.70
Change of ownership of the circulation permit due to merger, spin-off or non-monetary contribution of branches of activity of entities of their owners 1.6 €9.89

To obtain a driving license and other licences, the DGT establishes the following amounts:

Concept Code Price
Obtaining a driving license of any kind after taking tests or by exchanging it that requires carrying out practical driving tests (Driving Permit Test) 2.1 €94.05
Obtaining driver’s licenses (exam) 2.2 €44.58
Obtaining permits or driving licenses for having lost the credit of points or by redemption, when this does not require practical driving tests, as well as the issuance of the A permit after passing the required training without examination (Getting the license of driving due to loss of points and Exchanges.) 23 €28.87
To obtain and extend the authorization to drive vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods, ADR. 23

We reproduce the updated list of prices to renew the driving license:

Concept Code Price
Extension of validity of the driver’s license (Renew license) 4.3 €24.58
Extension of validity of the Driving License (Renew license) 4.3 €24.58
Extension of validity of permits or other authorizations to drive (BTP) up to 1 year (80% discount) 4.3.1 €4.92
Extension of validity of permits or other authorizations to drive (BTP) up to 2 years (60% discount) 4.3.2 €4.92
Extension of validity of permits or other authorizations to drive (BTP) up to 3 years (40% discount) 4.3.3 €14.75
Extension of validity of permits or other authorizations to drive (BTP) up to 4 years (20% discount) 4.3.4 €19.66
Issuance of International Driving Permit 4.5 €10.50
Extension of the validity of the authorization to drive dangerous goods vehicles and duplicates. 4.5

One last table for the traffic fees that the driver must pay and that do not appear in the previous ones:

Concept Code Price
Annotations of any kind in the files, provision of data, certifications, comparisons, authentic copies when the issuance of a duplicate is not appropriate, breakdown of documents and sealing of any plates or books 4.1 €8.68
Annotation of the result of the technical inspection of vehicles in the Vehicle Registry of the Central Traffic Headquarters, in cases where there is a regulatory obligation to carry out the aforementioned inspection 4.6 €4.18
Provision of escort services, control and regulation of the circulation of vehicles that, due to their technical characteristics or due to the loads they transport, exceed the maximum authorized masses and dimensions or travel at speeds lower than the minimum established by law, carried out by the Agents of the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard: Fee: Euros per hour and agent assigned to provide the service 4.7 €33.66
Other authorizations 4.5 €10.50

How to pay the DGT fees

The payment of Traffic fees can be made through the Internet or in person at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters (in this case, payment will always be made by credit or debit card, the payment option was eliminated a long time ago in metalic).

There are procedures that require paying the price before starting the process and others that allow it to be done as a last step.

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