Does automating lights really save light?


In order to save on the electricity bill, something we can think about is automating the lights. This means that they can be turned off or on automatically, for example through motion sensors or being able to program them. Now, does this really make us spend less on the bill? In this article we are going to talk about it. We will also explain some tips to save more electricity.

Savings when using automated lights

Can we save electricity and pay less on the bill if we use automated light bulbs? Yes and no. Everything will depend on how we use them and if we really need to use this type of light bulbs in order to spend less energy. There are different models and not all of them help to spend less. Also, not in all cases you will need them.

If we focus, it is when smart bulbs can be useful to be able to automate them and save money on the bill, an example is some rooms in the house or in an office. They are ideal in transit areas, for example a corridor, the entrance door, a garage… In an office or work center, where there are usually many people and large spaces, they are also ideal.

These bulbs can be turned on or off depending on whether they detect presence, for example. Therefore, a room where we do not need light for more than a few seconds is a good idea. The same in an office, in an area where there are usually no people and thus prevent the bulbs from staying on.

But if we ask ourselves in which circumstances do not really help to save, you can think of many. You must bear in mind that a smart bulb will always be consuming, even if it is very little, since it needs to connect to Wi-Fi. Does it make up for what you can save if you automate them? As we say, everything will depend on each case, so saving with automated light bulbs may not be the best option for most.

Exterior lights

Tips to really save on the electricity bill

So, what should we do to really save on the electricity bill? Something important is to control the devices that consume the most. Here we can name the heating, air conditioning or refrigerator, for example. In all these cases you will be able to manage the temperature. Putting the air one degree higher or the heating one degree lower will make you spend less. Also that you avoid putting the refrigerator at a temperature that is too low.

But you can also control other high consumption appliances, such as the washing machine or the dishwasher. You can always use ecological programs, with those that do not use a high temperature for the water. That will make you spend less and you can save on the bill each month simply with small changes.

On the other hand, another tip to save on the electricity bill is to choose the contracted rate very well. You do not always have to be guided by supposed discount offers, but rather know how to really identify how much they are going to charge you, whether or not it has time discrimination, etc. Choosing the rate well is key to not overpaying and each house is different in this regard.


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