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Double suspension and 65 km of autonomy: this electric scooter is almost a motorcycle


Double suspension and 65 km of autonomy: this electric scooter is almost a motorcycle

A power of 500 W and a battery that allows you to drive non-stop for more than 65 kilometers. Top features now at a lower price

When we tell you how this scooter is equipped, you will think that we are talking about a motorcycle. But not.

The Navee S65 is one of the most complete scooters on the market. It also has a higher price than other models, so now you can not miss this discount.

MediaMarkt reduces its sale price by 16%: it remains for €999, VAT and shipping costs included. Also, if you’re in a hurry, you can buy it online and pick it up in less than an hour at the store of your choice.

Ship S65

This scooter has a brushless motor that generates 500 W. The speed of these devices is limited by law to 25 km/h (which is plenty), but this power allows you to climb slopes of 25% inclination “without messing up your hair.”

In addition, since its 48V lithium battery allows it to have a range of more than 65 kilometers, you can move freely through urban traffic and even encourage yourself to leave the asphalt.

Ship S65.

For something, it mounts a very efficient front and rear suspension system when it comes to absorbing impacts.

It also “shoes” wide 10-inch all-terrain tires, suitable for different types of roads.

According to the manufacturer, these wheels allow you to have a strong grip and have proven to be very resistant to wear.

Navee S65, with top equipment

Its driving is very simple. It presents a great ergonomics thanks to a larger area for the feet than in other scooters. In addition, it is non-slip.

According to official data, it can carry up to 120 kilos of weight: for drivers more XXL. Although, yes, it weighs a little more than other scooters; exceeds 24 kilos.

In return, it has a very innovative folding system: it folds easily and occupies just 126 centimeters high.

It has a comfortable cruise control, you only have to press the accelerator for 5 seconds to activate it. When you brake or change speed, it turns off automatically.

In addition, it has a complete intelligent display screen, where you can see data on power, speed, lighting or Bluetooth activation, among others.


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