Get ready to see a lot more announcements in Windows 11


Windows 11 is not free, although we have installed it without having to pay. The operating system key has a cost, both when we buy it and when it is included within the system itself. In addition, even if we have installed it for free (for example, when upgrading from a previous version), Microsoft will continue to generate money with us as we use the computer. And this is possible thanks to advertising.

For a long time, we have been the product when we use Windows. And we don’t reveal anything new when we say that, above all, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are full of ads and advertisements, some annoying and some quite hidden.

The most used methods to display advertising, and generate money, while we use Windows are:

  • Ads within the Windows start screen. These are usually for Microsoft products and services, although we can also find ads from third-party companies that pay to appear. They are usually located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Banners and messages in pre-installed Microsoft applications. This began to show up within File Explorer, and quickly spread to the security center and the app store itself. Little by little, it will reach other parts of the operating system.
  • Through Windows notifications. These may be updates, promotions of Microsoft products and services, or third parties. Notifications usually appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

As we see, Windows displays advertising in various parts of your operating system. But, as if that seemed little to you, you will soon also have it in another key element of the system: the start menu.

So are the new announcements that come to Windows 11

This does not come as a surprise to anyone, since some time ago we already saw the first rumors about it. Unfortunately, they came true. The new build of Windows 11, 22621.1485, has come with a novelty that, of course, many users will not like.

For now only available to a very small group of users, Microsoft has started showing prompts within the Windows 11 start menu after the latest update. The company calls them “notices” and not “ads” because, for now, they are small recommendations for us to do certain things on the system, such as a backup.

New announcements Windows 11

However, everything indicates that they are messages and warnings that users are recommended to use the functions and services of Windows itself and Microsoft, such as logging in or uploading backup copies to OneDrive.

One more place where Microsoft is going to get money from all the users who have already installed its new operating system.

When will it be available

At this time, these new notices are only available to users who have installed the preview version of the future operating system update. However, this novelty is expected to reach all users with the new cumulative update of Windows, which will arrive on April 11.

In addition to including more advertising, this update will improve the contrast of the operating system’s search bar and fix a few bugs in Windows and Office that are affecting users.

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