Green Friday: the best Xiaomi devices at the best price with Vodafone


Vodafone has announced its Green Friday campaign with Black Friday promotionswith a wide catalog of Xiaomi products such as Smart TV, products for the home, pets and much more.

Best of all, you can access special conditions thanks to the Vodafone Flex program, such as being able to pay in installments without interest for 24 or 36 months. You can find these products in the My Vodafone App, Vodafone Stores and 1444.

The best for your pet

Your pet deserves the best, and now you can get it cheaper thanks to Vodafone. We highlight two Xiaomi products that you will love:

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

This regulated food dispenser will ensure that your pet receives his dose of food when he needs it, perfect if he spends many hours at home alone, if you go on a trip one day or if he eats too much by feeding himself.

You will be able to manage your pet’s diet 24 hours a day, and you can control the dose dispensing frequency anywhere with Mi Home/Xiaomi Home. You can program it even without Internet or electricity, and also, it is waterproof and fresh so that your food is perfect for longer. It can be purchased at Vodafone from €4.95 euros per month x 24 months with any unlimited rate.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Drinking Fountain

Xiaomi Smart Pet Drinking Fountain

The perfect complement to the Xiaomi food dispenser is this product with which your pet will have fresh water 24 hours a day, with four-stage intensive filtering. It has a two liter capacity.

You can control it with your Mi home app whenever you want so that your faithful companion drinks healthy and fresh water whenever they need it. In addition, it has a silent system that will make it seem that it does not exist or bother. You can purchase it from €3 euros x 24 months with any unlimited rate in Vodafone official stores and channels

Enjoy in the kitchen making your recipes easier

These Xiaomi products will help you in the kitchen by facilitating the various tasks of everyday life.

Xiaomi Smart Blender EU

Xiaomi Smart Blender

Xiaomi Smart Blender is a multi-angle chopper with 8 blades that has 9 adjustable speeds and dual hot and cold mixing modes. It can withstand up to 4 hours of insulation in heat preservation mode.

Its high-power motor with variable frequency and intelligent control with the app will make it easier for you in the kitchen.

It has a tall borosilicate glass carafe and several security measures so you can make fresh juices, smoothies or crushed ice. There are many recipes that you can try, for only €4.95 per month x 24 months with any unlimited rate.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5 liters

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer

If you want to prepare your food in a healthier way, low in fat and with less oil, you will like it this fryer with which you can air fry, roast, defrost, prepare yogurt and dehydrate fruit. It is available on Vodafone from €2.40 per month x 36 months with any unlimited rate.

It has a continuous cooking system for 24 hours, with an adjustable temperature from 40 °C to 200 °C. If you program it when you want, you can have a hot dish when you return home or when you feel like it.

The best entertainment offer in your home

Enjoy your favorite movies, series or channels with one of these Xiaomi televisions, in different features and sizes so that you can find the one that best suits you.

Xiaomi TV A2 4K 55″ UHD

xiaomi tv

East 55 inch tv It’s the ultimate in entertainment, with high-quality 4K UHD resolution with MEMC for incredible graphics, Dolby Vision support and much more.

Its ultra-narrow bezel design with a metal frame adapts perfectly to your living room or the space at home where you want to put it. It is compatible with the Google Assistant and has a 360° Bluetooth remote control.

Available on Vodafone from €12.75 per month x 36 months with any unlimited rate.

Xiaomi Smart TV P1E 65 4K HDR10


This is the perfect 65-inch television to enjoy all the content that interests you, including streaming services, football and your mobile. It features an ultra-narrow bezel design that fits nicely anywhere in the home.

Enjoy the best graphics with its 4K UHD resolution with MEMC to enjoy impressive graphics, For the best details in light and darkness, it is compatible with Dolby Vision. It has Android TV and comes with the Google Assistant integrated.

Available on Vodafone from €19 per month x 36 months with any unlimited rate.

Your home cleaner and safer with Xiaomi

The deepest cleaning of your home with these vacuum cleaners, perfectly complemented with an excellent live surveillance system.

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3

You can have your home well cared for and monitored, even if you are not in it with the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 4, with ultra-clear 2K resolution and live surveillance. It includes an electronic doorbell and AI person recognition.

You will be notified of door movements, it has two-way audio and it has an ultra-wide angle. The most interesting thing is that it has a very long battery life of 4.8 months. It is perfect so that your house is not robbed or ‘squatted’, even if you are away from it for a long time. Available from €3.45 per month x 24 months with any unlimited rate.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

My Robot Vacuum Mop P

This is one of the best accessories to keep your house always clean because it vacuums and scrubs thoroughly in a single device. Create the sensation of manual scrubbing with several passes and it supports 3 cleaning modes so you can find the one that interests you most at any time.

It has an updated LDS laser navigation system, with more accurate maps, and intelligently controlled water tank to protect your hardwood floors. If you add to that its powerful 2100 suction and its 12 sensors, it guarantees a deeper and more effective cleaning. Available on Vodafone from €8.5 per month x 36 months with any unlimited rate.


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