How to configure where to show automatic Google Adsense ads

How to configure where to show automatic Google Adsense ads

Today the internet has become a fundamental tool of the modern world, making everything you want to know or publish reach the most hidden places on the planet. In fact, internet advertising is one of the most lucrative businesses of the moment.

And in this sense, the Google company, with its powerful browser, has become one of the most prestigious platforms in the online world. Google over the years has been creating more and more applications and updating existing ones to keep them up to date with new demands.

One thing is to create advertisements for web pages and another is to make them reach the general public or one in particular. One of the products created by Google to deliver this online advertising is the platform known as Google AdSense.

Google AdSense allows advertisers to place their content on different web pages and thus earn profits. Using advanced software, this platform manages the ads so that they reach a particular audience.

Google AdSense offers advertisers various tools so that their editions are of quality and adapt to their needs and thus earn money from home. One such tool is Auto Ads. So if you plan to create your own website or blog, this is a great alternative to make a profit.

What are Google AdSense Auto Ads?

The ads that Google AdSense causes to appear on web pages automatically taking into account various factors such as: its content, location, type of users, etc. Making these more attractive to a particular audience by improving their performance.

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This is very important considering that the profits generated by a web page depend, to a large extent, on the number of views or clicks that users make to them. Put more simply, it’s like Google AdSense with its Auto Ads tool making those decisions for you.

This tool not only publishes the ads but also optimizes them, making them more attractive to the target audience. Locate the most suitable pages to publish them according to their content and design. In this case, it offers you the option to choose the websites where you want the ads to appear.

Among the options offered by AdSense for publishers are: AdSense for content that takes into account the content of websites to place ads that are appropriate for them, for Mobile Content appropriate to the resolution of phones and mobiles, for videos , etc.

How to configure Automatic Ads so that they appear on the pages that you want?

First of all, you must create a Google AdSense account if you don’t already have one. Then, you must perform the following steps to be able to set up automatic AdSense ads.

Step 1

Sign in to your own account on the official AdSense platform. Locate yourself in Announcements, there the table of their websites will appear, locate yourself in the one you are looking for and press the edit symbol.

Step 2

In the settings window you have to activate the Automatic Ads option. You will see many configuration options for your automatic ads, such as whether you want to optimize your ads, their format, the number of ads you want to be displayed, etc.

Step 3

In the Excluded Pages window, tap Manage and select the pages where you don’t want Auto Ads to show. Click Apply to Website and then Save. If you don’t want AdSense to run an experiment on your settings.

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It is important that if you are going to use this platform to place your ads on web pages or blogs, they adhere to Google AdSense policies and avoid falling into abuses that can lead to Google sanctioning or blocking your pages. Google has created programs to track possible irregularities.


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