How to create or make light or lens flare in Photoshop easy and fast

How to create or make light or lens flare in Photoshop easy and fast

Computer programs and applications have greatly changed the procedure involved in carrying out certain daily activities, since we currently live in a digital world. Where everything has something to do with technology and computing.

Over the years these programs have been evolving and improving in order to be better and better and more capable of performing any task for which it is required. Similarly, we can find programs for all fields and specialized for each area.

Such is the case of image editing programs, a field that has been created thanks to information technology and the intensive use that has been given to it in recent years.

Currently, there are many editing programs that are available. Many of these promise to meet our expectations, but not all of them are capable of doing so. Only the best are what stand out among the others and have more receptivity.

Steps to create or make light or lens flare in Photoshop

The first thing we must do is insert the image to which the light or lens effect will be added. Once the image is inserted, we can continue with the next step, which will be to add a new layer.

In the lower right corner of the screen is the option “Add new layer”, we select it and the layer will be added automatically. Now we will start working on this new layer, for that we select it.

The next step will be to go to the options at the top and click on the “Filter” option, I can display a list of options where we will select “Interpret”. Next, we select the “Flash” option.

Create Photoshop flare

A window will open, in which we will observe a miniature view of our layer, with the flash of light, if we click on the flash we can position it where we want. Similarly, we can increase or decrease the brightness of the light.

At the bottom of the window are the lens options, we can choose the one that best suits our requirements. Once the light effect is configured, we must click on the OK option.

Now, we will go to the layer options and select “Normal”, a list of options will be displayed where we must select the “Screen” option. Done, in this way we have added the light effect.

Finally, it should be noted that Photoshop is one of the most used image editing programs. Thanks to a wide variety of options and tools that you can use, it has become a trend, being used by both professionals and beginners.


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