How to download, set up and use iCloud for Windows – Photos & Drive

How to download, set up and use iCloud for Windows – Photos & Drive

Apple designed iCloud for Windows; ideal application for those users who do not have a Mac computer. If you want to use this app on your computer but do not know how to use it; In this post we will teach you how to download, configure and use iCloud for Windows photos and drive?

Without a doubt, iCloud is a platform that offers us a wide variety of functions to better manage our photos, videos, and files. For example, it allows us to make a backup on iPhone. This way you can have a safe cloud backup of your files.

If you are interested in knowing more about iCloud and all the advantages that having an account on this platform offers, then we invite you to click on the following link.

How to download and set up iCloud for Windows?

  1. Download the iCloud control panel for Windows, and perform the installation.

  2. Restart the computer; This step is important because when you restart the computer, the Apple software will be integrated into the system to start working correctly.

  3. Make sure iCloud for Windows is open and working properly. If it doesn’t open automatically you should go to start, open the app and then you should open iCloud for Windows.
  4. Now you need to sign in to iCloud; therefore, you need to enter your account details which are Apple ID and password.
  5. A window will open showing you what content you can sync; and in the same window you should take the opportunity to configure the iCloud services you want to use (you can choose between 5 options).
  6. You can first check the “iCloud Drive” box to sync your files (photos and videos you capture with your phone, tasks, emails, contacts, etc.) to iCloud Drive.
  7. Second check the “Photos” box and click the button labeled “options”; then a box called “photo options” will appear where you must select the options you prefer to use.
  8. Third, check the box “Mail, contacts, calendars and tasks” this option allows you to enjoy all the benefits that your mail brings to the Windows PC.
  9. Fourth check the “Bookmarks” box and click the “options” button; you must choose whether you agree to merge iCloud bookmarks with the Internet Explorer browser. If you check this box iCloud Windows will download all mail, contacts and tasks to integrate them into Outlook.
  10. Fifth “Storage” you can manage the storage space in iCloud.
  11. You must click the “Apply” button to save the changes.
  12. From that moment all your files will be stored in that cloud.

When you configure your iCloud account you must check the boxes that each option has on the left side; but if there is any of those options that you are not interested in using (iCloud Drive, photos, bookmarks or mail) you must uncheck the box to not activate that option in the app.

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Points you should take into consideration:

  • You need to sign in with your Apple ID on iPhone.
  • iCloud lets you sync your files across two different operating systems, perfect for opening your content anywhere, anytime.
  • You have to be a user of an Apple product.

How to use iCloud for Windows?

Once you have configured the iCloud application according to your needs, you should go to the file explorer where you will find two new folders called iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos (these two folders will be available if you activated those options).

In the iCloud Drive folder you can find any document that you have stored in the cloud. There will even be the files that you have created on your computer and later saved in that folder; you can access those files anywhere with other devices.

In the iCloud Photos folder you can upload all the photos and videos you want and then you can view them on an iPhone, iPad or Mac device. That means you can set up iCloud file storage from your iPhone without any hassle.

If you chose the bookmarks option, you must open iCloud and go to the left column where you will confirm how all emails, tasks, calendar and contacts have been synchronized.

Advantages that iCloud for Windows offers its users:

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  1. Large storage capacity.
  2. You can access your files—photos, videos, bookmarks, and email—on all the devices you use with iCloud Drive.
  3. Store your files safely; For example, if you capture a photo with your iPhone, it will immediately be downloaded to your computer.

  4. If you don’t want to use this app anymore it’s very easy to disable it.
  5. It allows you to keep your contacts, photos and email up to date.

The Apple company has stood out for designing equipment, applications and systems that meet the needs of its users; so be sure to use the iCloud app for Windows.

We have already finished! As you may have noticed, the process of downloading and setting up iCloud for Windows is quite simple.


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