How to fix or fix ‘err_connection_reset’ issue in Google Chrome

How to fix or fix ‘err_connection_reset’ issue in Google Chrome

Fixing or fixing the ‘err_connection_reset’ issue in Google Chrome can be a need for many users at any time of the day. Interrupting internet browsing due to these kinds of errors can lead to a lot of delays for anyone.

This error is one of many that make up the list of problems when pages do not load in Chrome, whether it is from Windows 10 or any other system. The crucial thing for today to focus on how to fix this error and offer the best solution worthy of Google’s support.

About the ‘err_connection_reset’ issue in Google Chrome

Web traffic thanks to the internet has had the opportunity to grow widely over the years due to the variety of ways to connect. Currently, all you need is a computer that has the ability to connect, a web browser and a good internet connection.

But a higher connection flow corresponds to a higher probability of errors, both for the servers and for the people trying to connect. However, most of the problems that involve an error when browsing Google are explained by Wi-Fi or internet disconnections of the computer.

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The important thing here to solve the ‘err_connection_reset’ problem in Google Chrome is to rule out that our PC has a virus. This problem is classified under code 101 and is displayed when the browser cannot establish a good connection.

Which means that the connection that our browser has established is not totally stable or has stopped working. Hence, it is one of the most common errors that someone can find when trying to surf the internet.

However, the problem is very general and does not specify or inform if the error resides in our browser as a user, in the server or only in the network. But thanks to the magic of the internet there are several methods that allow anyone with or without experience to solve this error.

We know that the most important thing is to be able to navigate normally again and prevent the error from continuing to hinder our work or investigation.

How to fix or fix ‘err_connection_reset’ issue in Google Chrome

As users we must identify if the problem is caused due to the state of our connection and the way we use to access. Programs like VPNs make the connection a bit unstable, making this service potentially the source of network instability.

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It is 100% confirmed that a VPN can slow down our internet connection, especially free services of this nature. Therefore, switching the connection to another service or deactivating the VPN connection for a few moments may be the best option.

Another of our programs that may be involved in the ‘err_connection_reset’ problem in Google Chrome may be errors with the antivirus. Although being connected to defense systems when entering the web, a malfunction in these programs can harm all connections.

Some of the flaws that these antiviruses may have is that they block Google Chrome, preventing the connection from flowing normally. The ideal in this scenario is to add our browser to the white list, a section that allows antiviruses to let other programs work more freely.

One of the last causes to mention are those errors linked to the configuration of the browser itself. The accumulation between different extensions or a bad configuration in the browser can generate problems such as “err_connection_reset” in Google Chrome.

In general, apart from the aspects mentioned, it is best to confirm the stability of our internet connection or give time to a possible error in the browser’s servers. Given the large number of people who use the service on a daily basis, an error is normal.


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