How to get donations or collection of free new or used toys for children at Christmas

How to get donations or collection of free new or used toys for children at Christmas

Every year as Christmas approaches, altruistic campaigns arise to collect used or new toys for children. Thousands of children have families in which there is not enough money, this means that a toy at Christmas is not exactly a priority. Knowing this, helping children in child poverty at Christmas is not too much, in this article we will talk precisely about it, how to get donations of toys for children at Christmas.

Many times we will have to be strategic to obtain donations, making it easy for companies to apply it to their marketing strategy, this when giving away toys for children who do not have them at Christmas, we can apply various collection campaigns, and awareness for citizens who are not so involved in the cause, ignorance can deprive us of those valuable collaborators, who do not know about our goal on Christmas Eve

How to collect toys at Christmas?

Although we have the good intention of donating toys, we must ask ourselves an important question: How? There are more people like us who, we intend to give a Merry Christmas to as many children as possible, but we have to make it easier for them to give help, this by advertising our collection campaign, knocking on the doors of local businesses with a strategy of family businesses and alliances with other organizations that are willing to do the same as us.

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Pickup Advertising

There are people willing to help, but incredibly, they are not informed of where we are collecting toys. That is why in the first instance we must take care of advertising where we will collect, by advertising on social networks, television media, radio and press. This can make a big difference, part of the benefits of successful advertising

Ask local companies and businesses

Several local companies and businesses help by being collection centers in case you need one, this can help us boost collection. In the same way, in general, the trade is part of the annual harvest, for which we must knock on the door of those who have not yet been encouraged to help us in this work.

There are several shopping centers that have promoted the collection of toys in their businesses, being a practice that they do every year, helping thousands of children in their communities, which is a sign of commitment to society, which appreciates the commitment of the trade

Partner with existing organizations

These collections have been carried out for a long time, therefore, over the years organizations have been formed with which we can ally ourselves, this in order to have greater reach, reach new people among the collaborators of each one

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Where can I donate toys at Christmas?

We have already explored the different ways in which we can donate toys at Christmas, but if you are looking for an existing organization, we want to advise you of some that already do it, and that your help will not be too much for them, then organizations that collect toys at Christmas , there is the red cross which helps to collect toys around the world, solidarity children, its motto is ‘The Kings are the children’ where they create awareness in wealthy children, making them choose what they are going to donate.

Among other organizations, we have the blue gift, a UNICEF campaign that is responsible for delivering educational material, vaccines and food, but through its website, they give children a choice of what we want to give. This initiative is present throughout the year, so that if you couldn’t do it on Christmas Eve, you can write it down as a New Year’s goal. We hope this article has been useful to you and that you can get started in the noble task of collecting toys for children at Christmas.


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