How to get free coins and rubies in Mario Kart Tour from Android and iPhone

How to get free coins and rubies in Mario Kart Tour from Android and iPhone

Mario Kart Tour is a game that is designed by Nintendo for all Android and iOS mobile platforms. Its launch was made in 2019, and it is based on a racing game that can be multiplayer.

From Nintendo devices we have seen how Mario Kart games are developed and how striking they are. In this case, said game works with coins and rubies as payment methods for anything in the system.

In See how it’s done we explain how to get rubies and coins totally free in Mario Kart Tour.

Get free rubies and coins in Mario Kart Tour

Rubies are the most important currency in the entire game, because they have more value than the currency itself. The system gives you the option to spend money for it, but you can also get it for free.

The first free option that the game has to earn rubies is by completing the cups, which are sets of circuits. This is the easiest and most direct way to get rubies in-game without spending real money for them.

There is also the option to level up, which makes the system reward you for the experience gained. Many games work in this way, to motivate the player to continue on that platform, giving gifts of great importance.

There is the option available to use the Season Prizes, which are obtained with the Maxistars or the Star Coupons. Maxi Stars are a frequent giveaway from high scoring races, and coupons are purchased directly.

wario with mario kart tour car

The daily reward is something fundamental within the game that is granted only for having logged in to the game. It does not require playing, so it is enough to claim the same one every day to accumulate rubies and also the coins.

Regarding coins, they can be had using the Gold Rush method, spending the stored rubies. These allow the character to absorb the coins that are on the track during the race without having to pick them up.

They can also be obtained by achieving a perfect classification at the end of the races, which improves the final score completely. The game rewards players who got a perfect game by giving them more coins than they get from playing directly.

These are the free ways to get rubies and coins in Mario Kart Tour, easily and without spending money.

Other important functions and features within Mario Kart Tour

At the beginning we mentioned that this game can be multiplayer, competing with other players who are on the platform. There is a very easy and fast way to invite all your friends to play this game with you.

Like any video game, playing with friends makes us have a better experience, fun and entertainment, sharing and enjoying the achievements. That is why we recommend that you start adding them, to have a healthy competition between you and have a good time.

Among the main requirements of the game is having a Nintendo account to be able to access it without any problem. This Nintendo account is used so that the player can save all their progress within the official game platform.

bowser with car in mario kart tour

However, you may be able to create not only one Nintendo Account, but even two when signing up to play. You must use the different methods offered by the platform to create an account, such as mail or social networks.

Going back to the topic of rubies and coins, these two items in the game have different functionality in it. Rubies are used to get more and better characters within the platform to get an edge when playing.

On the other hand, the coins are used to buy special elements and very important additions within the game store. By buying these things you can also get an advantage when racing, which is important to win the races you play.

Now that you know all these interesting tips, you can start racing in Mario Kart Tour and win more races. Do not hesitate to continue looking for the information that interests you within our web page of See how it is done.

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