How to insert the minute symbol with the keyboard? – record time


When we want to mention a measure of time in a simple way, we use some symbols that we can write if we know what keys and combinations to use on our keyboard, here you will see some ways to write the symbol for minutes and seconds, it will be very useful when it comes to typing on both a PC and laptop keyboard.

In what ways are the minutes correctly registered on the keyboard?

When we want to register the symbol that represents the minutes, we must use the symbol that is like a tall comma, its name is an apostrophe and it is used for many purposes in writing, but when talking about time measurements it represents the minutes.

quotes with alt 39

With ‘Alt+39’

One of the ways to place the symbol that registers the minutes is by keeping the ‘Alt’ key pressed while pressing the number keys 3 and 9 in that order, after doing this we will see on the screen the symbol that We are looking for.

Put quotes with the bracket + space

To place quotation marks with a keyboard trick we are going to press the bracket key ‘ { ‘ which is on the right side of the letter P key on our keyboard, then we are going to press the space bar, so you will see the symbol on the screen that unlike the apostrophe, this will mark the seconds.

Place quotation marks with the question mark

If the key that marks the closing question mark (?) is pressed without combining it with another, it will place an apostrophe (minutes), if we do it twice it will place some quotation marks (seconds).

This key is located on the right side of the number 0 key on the horizontal keyboard, it is enough to press it once without combining it with another to place the apostrophe (‘), if we want to place quotation marks (“) we will press the key twice, remember that you should not combine it with another.

How do you get the seconds symbol from the keyboard?

There are several key combinations that respond to place certain symbols, to place the seconds symbol (represented by the quotes”) there are several ways, usually we get used to only one way, but all ways are useful.

With ‘Alt+34’

The combination of the ‘Alt’ keys next to the number 3 and 4 is used to place the seconds symbol quickly, for this we must first press the ‘Alt’ key and leave it pressed while pressing the 3 and 4 keys in that order.

quote symbol

Putting ‘Alt+at’

In the key that indicates the number 2 on our horizontal numeric keyboard we will find the utility of writing the at sign ‘@’, but if we combine that key with the ‘shift’ key we will obtain some quotation marks, which will mark the seconds.

Why are the seconds not placed correctly with my keyboard?

Remember that the key combinations must be done by simultaneously pressing the indicated keys to create a command that responds with the symbol we are looking for, if you stopped pressing one of the keys when pressing the next one, the command will have failed.

If your keyboard has problems with any key needed to place the seconds symbol, try using another way, either the combination of ‘Alt’ + @ (or ‘Alt’ + 2) or also pressing the key that marks the sign twice opening question mark without using any special combination.

Check the position of the cursor when putting the symbol

When you are going to mention a time cut, remember that the symbols go after the numbers, that is, on the right side. If you have placed the symbols on the opposite side you have made a mistake. For example, if we want to mention a dialogue from a movie and it is at minute 34 with 8 seconds, with the help of the symbols that will mark the time measurements, it would be indicated in this way 34’8″.

It is important to remember that the apostrophe (‘) will mark the minutes, while the quotation marks (“) will mark the seconds, in that order we can write a cut of time that contains both measures. When you place the symbols in company with the numbers, check that the cursor is always on the right side of the numbers for a correct expression, the rule applies to minutes and seconds.


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