How to put the keyboard in the Russian language for typing on any Android device?

How to put the keyboard in the Russian language for typing on any Android device?

Our electronic devices are capable of performing amazing functions, it is good to know a little about the different tools and features that they offer us. Today they are capable of doing things that were unimaginable long ago.

In this way they have become a tool that helps us expand knowledge. More than a tool for our hands, it is an instrument for our mind, and if we know how to take advantage of it, we will be able to do wonderful things.

But this did not come out of nowhere, it was a process of constant evolution, progress, work carried out and perfected over time. Which allowed us to get to enjoy technology as we do today.

How to put the keyboard in the Russian language for typing on any Android device?

Since its inception, computing has surprised us greatly, allowing us to create a world full of possibilities where we can dream big. Today we are able to access a large amount of information, which some time ago would be unthinkable, as well as perform tasks in a much more practical way.

All this is thanks to the access that our devices give us and the technology with which they are manufactured. These are available in all parts of the world and are designed to work normally in any language.

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Android devices are one of these devices that are used by people all over the world. The Android operating system comes with languages ​​pre-installed by default, to function normally wherever it is required, or we can also put our keyboards in languages ​​such as keyboards in Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Greek, etc.

Among the most popular languages ​​is Russian, this is originally from the country of Russia. If we are interested in learning a little about this language, our Android devices can help us.

Since we can configure them to work with this language, or configure it so that it is only the keyboard that writes with this language. In this article we will teach you how to put the keyboard in the Russian language to write on any Android device.

Steps to put the Russian language on our Android

If we want to configure the Russian language only for the keyboard of our Android, we can do it very easily, without affecting the general language of our device. What is the same place the Russian language to write.

To do this, we will carry out a few simple steps that are indicated below:

  • If we have an Android device and we want to put the Russian language on our keyboard, the first thing we must do is open the Settings tool of our device.
  • As soon as we enter this option, we must go down, sliding our finger from the bottom of the screen to the top.
  • Carrying out this procedure, different available options will appear. We must select “Language and text input”.
  • We will enter a menu of language and keyboard configuration options, the first option is “Language” through it, we can enter and change the language of our device.
  • We must be very careful, because if we change the language from this option, the general language of the entire Android system will be changed.

Steps to put the Russian language on the keyboard of our Android

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If what we want is to change the language only of our keyboard, what we should do is enter the “Language and text input” option. Then we look for the “Keyboard and input methods” section.

In this section will be all the settings related to our keyboard, we must select the Keyboard option. This will be followed by the name of the keyboard configuration that we currently have.

To the right of this option, we can see a settings icon, we press on it, to be able to enter. Now we go to the “Languages ​​and writing” section, and among the different alternatives that we get, we select the Writing languages ​​option.

All the available languages ​​will be displayed, we go down until we find the Russian option and select it. It should be noted that it is very important to have an internet connection before performing these steps.

When selecting the Russian language, the language configuration will automatically begin to download. Likewise, it will be installed on our keyboard, in this way we can start writing in the Russian language.


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