How to reset or restore settings in Sony Vegas Pro to factory or default values


Going through times, such as the medieval, the conquering and later at the beginning of the modern era, humanity had a great progress that is incredibly remarkable, having inventions such as the telephone, the automobile, the light bulb or the cameras, all these artifacts revolutionized society back then, they are the beginnings of how our lives work today.

Currently the human being has a very good quality of life in general, with the help of technology and the internet, we can talk to anyone anywhere in the world, we can browse and watch videos, information that in years past was unimaginable that we could do, even study online, either by taking courses on a platform for example.

Precisely because of these comforts, we are at the best point of our lives, where we have the choice to be who we want to be, great people have reached the place where they are thanks to this, it only takes motivation and using the internet as a tool, where we can have trades such as social media, graphic designers or video editors, hand in hand with editing software, which we will talk to you about.

sony vegas pro interface setup

What is Sony Vegas Pro and how does it work?

Vegas Pro is a software designed in the type of non-linear editing, since it allows us to alter any moment of the audiovisual project, regardless of its beginning or end, this editor allows us to edit both video and audio aspects, regardless of the format. , Sony Vegas Pro is available from its initial version to 10 on all versions of Windows and Mac system.

This program, through its comfortable and simple interface, allows us to work with options such as putting subtitles on a video, or also putting borders on a video, it is a versatile program that allows us to render video in 1080p and 720p at 60 fps, We can do all of this frame by frame, it also tries to give full access when making an edit, in addition to having HD support, giving us the opportunity to work with 2K and 4K quality videos.

As long as you have a computer with acceptable RAM memory, you will be able to use this software, since it does not need many requirements and components, even so you can make the most of its editing package, since it brings more than 30 effect files available for use in our videos, both variable options to improve the visual and the auditory, also having filters for the audio of our project.

However, for those beginner editors, it is normal that it is difficult to adapt to the interface, since nobody is born learned, it is good to have a guide on how to use this editor at hand, in addition to the fact that if we get to know it very well, we can customize it to our liking, to carry out easier work or, if necessary, restore the configuration to factory values, which we will proceed to explain below.

sony vegas pro factory settings

How to restore Sony Vegas Pro to factory settings?

Returning the Sony vegas pro editor to its initial configuration is in fact simple, first with the shift key pressed we will go to configurations and preferences, we will have a menu with several options, one is called internal, within this we will see a box that says FALSE, only we will have to delete that word and write TRUE, we save, we accept and we restart the pc, this restore method works for any version of Sony vegas pro.


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