How to uninstall Yuzu from your Windows 10 and 8 PC correctly? – Definitely


Without a doubt, one of the best-performing computer operating systems is Windows. This system contains a large number of work tools such as those of Microsoft office.

Of course, you can install other programs on this system so that you can enjoy them from your computer and you can also uninstall it if you no longer use them, as is the case with Yuzu. Here you will see how to uninstall them in two of the most recent versions of this system.

What should you do to completely remove Yuzu-related programs?

If you are going to uninstall the Yuzu program on your computer, you first have to do one thing and that is to uninstall or delete each of the add-ons that are linked to it so that you do not have any problems.

In this case, you will only have to follow each of the instructions that we are going to explain later to the letter.

What is the procedure to successfully uninstall Yuzu from your computer?

This process of uninstalling a program is somewhat simple from Windows 10 and 8 systems. Therefore, you will not have any serious problems or inconveniences after deleting it.

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On Windows 10

On Windows 10 computers you are not going to do anything impossible and you will have two ways to uninstall this program with one extension outside the system and the other from the Windows 10 system itself.

For the non-Windows solution you have to enter the Yuzu website to download the installer for this program. After the download is finished you will run the ‘yuzu_Install’. Now an administrator announcement will appear asking you if you want to delete the program and you will accept. This way Yuzu will be uninstalled from your computer.

If you want to uninstall it from your Windows 10 system without having to download anything from your browser, you will go to the menu that is on the Windows taskbar and you will enter the control panel. When you do it, you will look for the ‘Programs’ option and then in ‘Program and features’.

In that menu will be all the programs installed on your computer and to uninstall Yuzu you will click on it and then at the top of the menu there will be the uninstall button. After you click it, the uninstall process will begin.

With a Windows 8 PC

In case you are going to perform the uninstallation and your computer has the Windows 8 system, you will have to follow the same steps that we mentioned in the case of Windows 10, because these two systems are very similar.

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How can you check that it has been completely deleted and what to do if there are files left?

If after you uninstalled Yuzu you want to make sure that it has been completely uninstalled, you will have two ways to check it. Sure, if the uninstall doesn’t work you can go to Microsoft support for an answer.

Check your recycle bin

One of the most cost-effective ways to see that a program has been successfully uninstalled is by going to your computer’s Trash. It is not very common that after Yuzu is uninstalled I send a file to the trash, but it may happen in some cases. That’s why you can click empty trash so that the remaining files are permanently deleted.

Delete all related folders

This is also another way to verify that the program was successfully uninstalled. To see it you have to enter the File Manager of the PC, then you go to ‘Computer’ and then you enter ‘Local Disk’. You will enter the ‘Program Files’ folder and look for the folder called Yuzu. If it’s not there, it was successfully uninstalled. If it’s still there, delete the folder and that’s it, the trace of the folder will disappear.


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