If you do this you will suffer a computer attack in your house, protect yourself


We can suffer many computer attacks that put our privacy and security at risk. Any device that we use in our day to day can be affected, such as a computer or mobile. So why are home hacking attacks on the rise? In this article we are going to talk about it and we are going to explain what you should do to protect your devices as much as possible and not have any problems.

Why are there more domestic cyberattacks?

The reason is the great increase in home automation devices. Think of all the devices that you can have in your home connected to the network. For example, a television, smart bulbs, temperature sensors, surveillance cameras… Today the range of options is very wide and that gives opportunities to hackers.

Why is this happening? The problem comes when we use devices that may have vulnerabilities. For example, a device that has a security breach and has not received updates, a device that we leave unprotected without a good password or any equipment connected to the network without adequate security measures.

Cybercriminals know about the rise of all this that we mentioned and they set their sights there. They can take advantage of a vulnerable device to break into the network and reach other devices. In this way they could steal data, sneak malware or even get hold of the passwords of the accounts you use on those devices.

In many cases these devices go unnoticed by us when we think about security. That is, we can put a password on the router, protect the computer with a good antivirus or worry about updating the mobile from time to time. But, do you do the same on each of the devices you have at home connected to the network? It is possible that you have some without updating and do not know it. That’s where the problem starts.

Malware when updating Windows

What to do to be protected

The first thing you should do is avoid having outdated devices. Whenever you buy a home automation device, whatever it is, you should make sure that it has the latest version of firmware installed. This is what will prevent a potential attacker from exploiting a bug and controlling that device.

Another key point is to protect the devices correctly. In some cases you will be able to install an antivirus and security programs, while in others you will be able to put a good password on them. Whenever possible, both things should be taken into account in order to avoid problems that affect the security of your home.

It is also essential to protect the network. After all, you are going to connect many home automation devices to that network. It is vital that the Wi-Fi is protected from being easily accessed. If they succeed, they could control the equipment you have connected to the wireless network and thus put your privacy at risk.

In short, as you can see, hackers are taking advantage of the increase in home automation devices. If you make the mistake of having outdated and unprotected devices, they can launch cyber attacks on your home. It is essential to follow the steps we have given, mainly to update the devices and operating systems.


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