I’m hooked on Pluto TV, how can I add more channels?


Today we have at our fingertips a multitude of video streaming and on-demand television platforms that we can enjoy from our PC. Likewise, one of the main characteristics of these platforms is that they also allow us to access all this content from our mobile device, wherever we are. A very interesting free option in this sense is Pluto TV.

This is an entertainment platform that has not stopped growing in recent times and there are several reasons for this. First of all, we must take into account that we can access all the channels available by default without paying a single euro. For all this, it is enough that we access your official Web from any browser and device.

Once we know its main characteristics and reasons for its enormous success, here we are going to find a multitude of content in the form of channels. In this way we will have the possibility of playing all kinds of video content belonging to a wide variety of genres, and without spending a single euro.

pluto tv interface

That is precisely why many users over the past few months have become hooked on the Pluto TV platform and content. At this point, some may wonder if they have the possibility of adding new channels to enjoy from here. This is something that can be done in other multimedia applications and services that allow us to customize what we have access to. However, we must keep in mind that in Pluto TV we will not be able to add new channels ourselves manually.

How Pluto TV content is renewed

Despite the fact that we do not have the possibility of adding new channels that interest us to this streaming content platform, they are renewed periodically. Actually, what we want to tell you with all this is that the heads of this online service are in charge of adding new channels that we can access from time to time. What’s more, depending on the dates we are on, sometimes they add some themes, such as what happened last Christmas.

Likewise, among the many categories that the streaming platform offers us to locate certain content more quickly, we see one that may interest us a lot. We mean that Pluto TV provides us with a section that includes the latest channels that have recently been added to the platform. As you can imagine, this allows us to have more direct access to the latest news that has arrived and thus be able to take a look at them.

pluto news

Something similar happens with everything that is going to disappear shortly. There are certain movies and series that the platform periodically gets rid of and that we can access from the Last Chance section. Still, even though we don’t have the opportunity to add our own custom TV channels to Pluto TV, the variety and availability of those that we can access by default is important enough that we don’t miss out. Missing almost nothing.


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