Is it a good idea to use the air conditioning in winter to save electricity?


Air conditioning is a device that usually takes us to the summer months, when it is hot and we want to lower the temperature. However, we can also use it in winter to heat the house. It is an option that can even be really useful in many cases. Now, is it a good idea to use the air conditioning in winter in order to save light? We talk about it in this article.

Using the air conditioning in winter

To heat a home we can use heating, radiators, use braziers… And yes, also air conditioning. Whether or not it is worth saving will depend mainly on several factors. One of them is if you need to heat the entire house or you only want a specific room, such as the dining room or bedroom.

You should also take into account what are the alternatives you have and how is the air conditioning that you are going to use. This will be key to determine if it will consume excessively or, on the contrary, it is an efficient device and it will not consume too much if we compare it with other options.

Let’s take a specific case in which you need to heat a room and you have doubts about whether the air conditioning is going to consume more than using a brazier, heater or stove. In general terms we can say that an air conditioner is going to be much more efficient and it is what you are going to have the least expense with. The reasons are the following:

  • Air conditioning heats a room faster
  • Once the temperature is maintained, it begins to consume less
  • The technology you use to heat will need fewer resources
  • Those of energy efficiency A consume much less than older models

Therefore, we can say that an air conditioner to heat the home, at least for a specific area of ​​the house, is a very good option for winter. It can consume much less than a heater or brazier, for example. Think that these last devices that we named can consume a lot. For example, an electric brazier can have a power of 1500 W, while a heater can even reach 2500 W. An efficient air conditioner has a power of 900-1000 W.

How to properly use the air conditioner in winter

Of course, it is important that you use the air conditioning well in the winter months. Just as we say that to save the best thing is to put the heating at 19-20 degrees, in the case of air conditioning it is similar. It is not the same to put it at 20 degrees than at 23. You will consume much less if you choose the first option. Each additional degree can increase consumption by over 7%.

It is also important that you insulate the room where you are going to put it well. For example, a brazier will always consume the same amount, regardless of the temperature. On the other hand, an air conditioner will consume less when it only has to maintain the temperature. Therefore, avoid having the doors of that room open and close the windows well. This will prevent cold air from entering.

But using the air conditioner correctly is also avoiding turning it on and off constantly. Unlike a stove or brazier, which consume steadily, what the air conditioner seeks is to maintain a temperature. If we turn it off, the temperature drops; When I turn it back on, it warms up again. But of course, this process involves energy consumption.

In short, using the air conditioning in winter is a good option in order to save energy as long as you use it correctly. On many occasions you will consume less than using a brazier or stove. Therefore, keep it in mind to heat your home. Also, as long as when you do a Wi-Fi connection test you see that it works well, you can connect a smart plug to control the air.


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