Is it safer to buy online with a debit or credit card?


Maintaining security when buying something online is essential. Although we can say that it is quite safe, we can always come across some scams and have problems. In this article we are going to talk about whether it is better to pay with a debit or credit card when we make an online purchase. What happens in case we run into a scam? We are going to explain which one can help us the most to recover the money.

Pay with credit or debit card online

When you pay online you will have different options. You will find pages that allow you to make bank transfers, use platforms such as PayPal or pay with bank cards. In the latter case, in addition, you will have different options. One of them is to use rechargeable cards, in which you simply put the amount you need and that’s it. But you can also pay with normal bank cards and here you have to differentiate between debit and credit.

Basically we can say that a debit card automatically deducts the money from your account. On the other hand, the credit transaction keeps the transaction “paused” until the end of the month or the date on which that payment is made effective and it is deducted from the account. Until then, it is really the issuing bank of that credit card that advances the money for you.

So, what is better when paying online? If you are looking for security, it should be mentioned that with a credit card you will be able to be more supported. Why do we say this? The first thing is that practically all of them have protection in case of fraud. But also, by its very nature, you will have a greater margin of time to be able to solve the problem, report it and find a way to recover the money. After all, until a set date arrives, they will not charge you.

Basically we can say that in case of fraud, the thieves are first using the bank’s money on the card. This does not mean that everything is so simple, since we will also have to make calls, contact the bank, have them review the transaction, etc. But it is clear that at least we are going to have a better chance that everything goes well than using a debit card.

Card payment in Chrome with greater security

Always buy online safely

This does not mean that buying online with a credit card is 100% safe and we will not have any problems. Logically, the users themselves must be the first responsible for everything going well and not making mistakes. This will avoid complications and having to take steps in case of fraud.

But as you can see, between buying with a debit card or doing it with a credit card, it will always be safer to use the latter. At least we will have more facilities to recover the money in case of having suffered a fraud and, with total security, we will prevent the money from disappearing immediately from the account.

Even so, we continue to recommend rechargeable or virtual cards to make purchases on the Internet. They are perfect in case someone were to steal the data, since we are simply going to load them with the exact money we need for a payment and they could not steal more than that amount.

In short, you should always buy tickets online safely or anything you need without making mistakes. That will save you a lot of trouble, regardless of the type of card you use.


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