Make your videos cleaner with these apps to remove the TikTok watermark


That TikTok is the fashionable social network is something that no one can argue with. His videos manage to go viral in record time and that is why on many occasions you will have wanted to download a video to reuse it in another composition, make reactions or whatever comes to mind. However, even if you manage to download a TikTok video with some program, there will be a big problem: its watermark.

Don’t worry too much about it, as there are a number of applications that will help you get rid of this logo or better yet, directly download these videos without the annoying watermark.


This application has the peculiarity that it can be integrated into the native TikTok app, modifying its presentation and adding a new and interesting feature: download videos directly from the application and without a watermark.

If you prefer, especially if you are not a regular user of the ByteDance app, you can also manually copy the address of a TikTok video and the program will take care of downloading it with or without a watermark, as you choose. In addition to downloading the videos, it also allows you to download only the music and even set some TikTok videos as animated screensavers without a watermark.


Similar to the previous app, TikDown allows you to download TikTok videos directly without watermark, so that later you can do whatever you want with them. In this case, you will have to paste the address of a video from the social network and the app will take care of everything.

It is completely free, but in some cases you will have to watch an ad before the video in question is downloaded without a watermark.

TikDown Save & Organize Video
TikDown Save & Organize Video
Developer: Dopp Tech Ltd


Solvent removes TikTok watermarks from videos you’ve previously downloaded. Simply select a video from the gallery and press “Remove Watermark”. The whole process is completely automatic, no need to manually mark TikTok watermarks.


Solvent tries to restore TikTok videos to their original state, like just before they were uploaded by the user. It works completely offline and is free and without registration or login.

Remove & Add Watermark

This application is not only used to remove the TikTok watermark, but any other that you find in a video, regardless of the source. The process is quite simple, since you only have to mark the area where the watermark is placed using a fixed shape or using the lasso tool, as if it were Photoshop.

TikTok remove watermark

However, we already know that TikTok marks change their position during the video, so it can be more complicated than just downloading them cleanly. Also, what the app really does is blur that area, so the results won’t be as perfect as in the previous ones. To get around this, you can overlay your own watermarks, such as custom logos, subscribe buttons, etc.


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