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Matchbox turns 70 and celebrates it with a special edition


Matchbox turns 70 and celebrates it with a special edition

Matchbox 70

Collectible meat.

If we talk about miniature cars, as a general rule, Hot Wheels is the first to come to mind, because outside the world of collecting, as toys, it is the one that has achieved the most relevance. However, there are other firms that rival them, some with a long history, such as Matchbox, which turns 70 in 2023.

As it is an anniversary within the reach of very few, the toy company has decided to celebrate it with a special edition of its cars, which will feature orange and silver colors as the main tones and in multiple configurations.

The company has not gone into many details, but has assured that it will put them on sale in seven different assorted packages, one for each decade of the company’s existence, which will include models of all kinds, from cars to, as can be seen in some images, even airplanes or helicopters. In addition, loose models will also be released.

The full list of models that will be available has not been made public, but in the shared photos you can see a little bit of everything, from current models like the Mazda MX-30, the GMC Hummer EV and the Ford F-150 Lightning, to Icons like the Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche 911 and Ford Mustang, going through classics like the Jaguar D-Type.

The models will belong to different collections, so there will be from very basic to others with rubber wheels or even those that have moving parts and that can open their doors, the hood or, in the case of industrial vehicles, the cranes. or tippers.

Additionally, Matchbox parent Mattel has teased that some will be made from recycled zinc, as it aims to have all of its toys and boxes made from 100% recycled materials by 2030.

For those of you who don’t know, the Matchbox story began in 1953 in England. The founder’s daughter, Jack Odell, was told that she couldn’t bring any toy bigger than a matchbox to school, so he created a steamroller with those dimensions.

His classmates loved the design and asked for one just like it, marking the start of a long and successful career that has spanned seven decades to this day.


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