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McLaren 750S, the new face of the 720S


McLaren 750S, the new face of the 720S


It would come out in April.

The McLaren 720S is already a model with a tradition, which prevents us from continuing to be one of the fastest supercars on the market. However, as time does not pass in vain, the British firm seems to be working on an evolution of the model. As pointed out from Automotive News, soon we will meet the McLaren 750S.

Although nothing is officially known yet, the outlet points out that a campaign with various advances would begin this month, since its presentation to the public will take place in April.

Its most interesting novelty will be the increase in power that its 4.0 V8 biturbo engine will receive which, as its name indicates, will go from 720 to 750 CV, remaining oblivious to electrification and achieving an improvement in performance.

According to sources, it will be placed in the range as an intermediate option between the 720S and the 765LT, whose radical levels it will not reach, settling as a mixture of both sports cars.

Its aesthetic section will drink from the style of the latest models of the brand, sporting a new bumper that will include larger air intakes, as well as an adaptive rear spoiler of considerable dimensions. Regarding the interior, it seems that it could have a driving position similar to that of the McLaren Artura.

According to sources, the first deliveries of the McLaren 750S are scheduled to take place in September, but it is already too late to get hold of one by 2024, since production for this year is fully awarded due to the large volume of reservations that have been made. Regarding its price, it points to a rate 10% higher than that of the 720 S.

In addition, it seems that both the coupe and the convertible versions of the model will go on sale simultaneously (McLaren usually leaves about six months between the two versions, as a general rule), and that it is not in the plans to create any LT variant (Long Tail).


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