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Mercedes EQE test: as good as ever?


Mercedes EQE test: as good as ever?

If we talk about ride comfort, Mercedes has always set the standard with the E-Class. Does the same happen if we bet on its electric range? We tried the EQE for the first time to verify it

Mercedes’ commitment to electric cars is clear. And he’s on the right track. It is true that the Mercedes EQE drives in exactly the same way as any other electric vehicle, that is, fast, quiet, but not particularly agile when going through curved areas at a brisk pace. But that’s not a problem either, because no one can do much better right now.

On the other hand, when we talk about the multimedia system, driving aids or interconnecting traffic data with security functions, for example, the brand with the star puffs out its chest and puts itself ahead of the rest.

An example: the driver can use the paddles on the steering wheel to determine how much energy the battery recovers from the EQE; or the car itself can also do it intelligently, knowing that it must slow down before a roundabout or a traffic light, and thus converts those moments into electricity recovery phases for the battery.

Mercedes EQE test

And what’s impressive is how smoothly the car approaches those points at just the right speed, accelerating with precision and not wasting a single electron in the process. In short, to put it that way: wherever power is available, the EQE will try to harness it to the tenth of a watt.

In the end, the autonomy deviates from that officially declared by the manufacturer, but it is still quite good. We calculate 400 kilometers for the EQE 350, an absolutely adequate distance to travel. In general, that is exactly its mission: to travel in a noble way, with a smooth ride.

maximum comfort

The optional pneumatic Airmatic suspension with adaptive damping (2,329 euros) dodges small bumps and filters larger undulations with great solvency.

However, we believe that the 20-inch wheels (from 968 euros) that this test unit mounts, although they feel wonderful, do not contribute to improving the sensation of rolling magic carpet that the engineers intend to give it. Due to the low profile of the tyres, they forcefully transmit to the interior every little bump you go over.

Mercedes EQE test

And if we talk about comfort, we cannot fail to appreciate its softly padded seats and the open space it offers, which combine ideally with the high general level of driving comfort that we have been talking about. In addition, there is plenty of space for passengers’ knees, especially in the rear, and the upholstery is also exemplary.

One drawback of the lush (and aerodynamic) body design is that it can sometimes be hard to judge distance when driving through tight spaces. Especially when turning, of course. It’s a shame, because the Mercedes EQE should be especially good in this area, since it has rear-axle steering for extremely tight turning radii, but with the nose being so large it’s not as easy to maneuver as you might think.

Great multimedia system, but…

The operating system on that Mercedes will also make drivers less accustomed to dealing with technology nervous, because almost everything has to be configured via the main screen.

To make matters worse, since it is tilted, the fingerprints that we leave every time we touch it are reflected by the sun and blur visibility. Also, the small touch pads on the steering wheel are a typical distraction factor, as its haptic controls don’t always work perfectly.

Mercedes EQE test

A car ‘borders’ perfection

Overall though, the EQE borders on perfection. The voice control system works quickly and accurately, even closing the windows on command.

Charging processes can be started, controlled and monitored as you like. For example, when stopping at a charging station, the EQE calculates the amount of power needed to reach your destination and only supplies the necessary amount of kilowatts. Therefore, shorten the waiting time.

In addition, even if it was not planned, the car may suggest an additional shorter stop if you go through an electric station with more power supply, because this could shorten the trip. The maximum charging power supported by the EQE is 170 kW, in which case it would go from 10 to 80% of its capacity in just 32 minutes, which would be enough to travel 350 kilometers.

Mercedes EQE test


There is no doubt, Mercedes more than complies in this premium league also with its 100% electric model. However, this has its cost. Expensive optional items are added to the basic price. Multi-contour seats, Premium Plus package (adds a thousand things, but costs 15,077 euros), directional rear axle, sports tires…

The test car in the end costs almost 100,000 euros. Expensive, as always. Brilliant, as always. If you want an electric Mercedes, you know what’s up…

The editor’s opinion

Majestic electric, extremely comfortable, completely intelligent, very technological and smooth to drive. Many good things that do not take away to recognize that it has weaknesses in terms of ease of use and a price that spoils the good initial taste.


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