Microsoft wants you to share Game Pass with friends, not like Netflix: here’s what you’ll pay


A few years ago, Netflix invited users to share an account with other friends, which is why many chose to contract the 4K plan, a plan that allows up to 4 people to use the platform simultaneously, each with their own independent profiles. and divide the price of the subscription between 4, leaving a lower monthly fee than the cheapest plan at that time, which was the Basic. Microsoft wants to follow the same path with Game Pass, but in a different way.

Netflix has realized, due to pressure from investors, that sharing an account was not a good idea and for just over a month it has begun to take action between the accounts that do so. Microsoft announced last year that it was testing a new Game Pass subscription plan, a subscription plan for families that would allow a total of 5 people to use all the benefits of this platform.

This plan would not have the same price as the subscription currently offered by the platform, but would be more expensive, which is what Netflix really should have done when inviting users to share an account. In August 2022, it began testing in Ireland, however, since then we have not heard any news about it, at least officially.

How much will the Game Pass family subscription cost?

An Xbox gamer hung up on his account Twitter a screenshot of the announcement of the new Game Pass family plan that Microsoft is still saying absolutely nothing about. In that screenshot, we can see that the price of this subscription will be $39.95 per month and that it can be shared with a total of 5 accounts, including the one that contracts the service. Shortly after, many other New Zealand users have stated that the same message has also been displayed on their consoles.

Game Pass family subscription

If it is in New Zealand dollars, we would be talking about the equivalent of 22.99 euros per month, which would coincide with the price that this subscription was initially rumored to have, which was 22 euros per month, leaving the monthly fee for less than 5 euros. . But, if that price is in US dollars, which is most likely, the final subscription price if we convert it to euros would be 8 euros, a much more credible price considering that the monthly fee for Game Pass is 12 .99 euro.

At the moment we do not know when the launch of the family version of Game Pass in Spain is scheduled. If we haven’t tried it yet and want to give it a try, at Eneba we can find different subscription plans for one either three months at very interesting prices.

Game Pass family subscription

Advantages of the family subscription to Game Pass

The main advantage that the Game Pass family subscription will offer users is that everyone will be able to play any title together and each of them will have their progress independently. Currently, there are many users who share an individual subscription to Game Pass where they can use the platform together and, obviously, the progress in the games is registered in the account where the platform is contracted and not in the personal accounts of each user.

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