Microsoft will update your computer with Windows 11 without permission


We already knew that Windows 11 was not just another version of the operating system, but a new opportunity for Microsoft to have more control over computers. Since the launch of the system, a year and a half ago, the company has not made major changes to the computers without the permission of the users, beyond installing the occasional bloatware program, nothing new. However, this is about to change, and your PC is about to receive, whether you like it or not, the latest version of this system.

Windows 11 follows a development model similar to that of Windows 10. Starting from the first version of the operating system, Microsoft is releasing new versions of the OS, which are updating the system, adding new functions and features, and improving the user experience of the system. Username. In Windows 10, the system received two annual updates, one in the spring and one in the fall. With Windows 11, things have changed, releasing only one annual update, in the fall. Each update has two years of support, during which you receive updates and all kinds of maintenance. But, when the time comes, Microsoft abandons it and forces users to update. Of course, manually.

All users will be forced to receive Windows 11 22H2

Last week, Microsoft reported of a change in the policy of version 21H2 (the launch one) of Windows 11. As reported by the company, all home and non-commercial users, in the Home and Pro editions, will be forcefully receiving version 22H2 of this operating system.

Windows 11 22H2 2022

This update, which until now has been optional and manual, will reach all users who have not yet installed it automatically. We can look for updates in Windows Update to see if our PC detects it, or simply wait for our PC to suddenly receive this version from one day to the next.

This update will be installed when we restart the computer, and the process will take a few minutes. When we return to the system we will already have this new version installed, and we will be able to know it because we will find these new features of Windows 11. We must also take into account that 22H2 has several errors and problems that have not yet been solved, and that is one of the reasons why which many users had decided not to update yet.

The only reason we won’t receive this update is because Microsoft has detected a serious bug in the system. And now there is only one that meets this: the blue screen of Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) in 11th generation Intel processors.

Support of new versions

The first version of Windows 11, 21H1, is supported until next October of this year. Thereafter, this version will no longer receive updates and support, and users may be affected by any issues that may appear. 22H2, for its part, will have support for one more year, until October 8, 2024.

If all goes as planned, Windows 11 will bring us a new update in the fall of this year, 23H2. At the moment, this is the version that can be tested by Insiders, and it does not yet have a definitive list of changes beyond the renewal of some programs and some applications.


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