My computer crashed and turned off while playing: this was the cause


Many of the regular PC gamers know this first-hand, and there is nothing more annoying than a computer crash when we are in the middle of a game. And what to say if the computer suddenly shuts down completely.

These two actions are much more common than many of us would like when we are playing on our computer. It is true that there are several reasons for these annoying crashes and shutdowns while we are playing, either locally or over the Internet. However, in these same lines we are going to talk about one of the most common that usually occurs in these cases.

The first thing we must take into consideration is that a good part of the current games make the most of the graphics of our equipment. This means that, if we want to get the most out of both the hardware and the software component, we are going to squeeze both elements to the maximum. This means that on many occasions this component we are referring to will reach quite high temperatures. Therefore, at this point we could say that heat is usually one of the main causes of these blockages and sudden shutdowns. It is worth mentioning that this is something that can affect both the CPU and the GPU.

Locate the PC unlock problem

Surely many of you already know from your own experience that all this that happens suddenly is quite frustrating on most occasions. Even more so if we are in the middle of a game. Therefore, to try to correct these very important failures, first let’s really see where the failure is and then we are going to fix it. It may seem difficult for you to locate the problem when our computer crashes or shuts down randomly today

However, we must know that Windows offers us an integrated function that will be very helpful for this type of task. We are referring to a tool called Windows Reliability Monitor that is responsible for recording all kinds of events and computer problems. This includes failures caused by hardware to software failures such as failed installations and updates of the operating system.

reliability monitor

This is an item that you can find in the Control Panel. Specifically in the System and security / Security and maintenance / Reliability monitor section. Here we will find a timeline belonging to several days with all kinds of events on our PC where hardware or software problems are marked with a red X. In turn, at the bottom of the window we find a brief description of the error as such. This will help us identify the glitches at the exact moment we were playing the game and their nature.

Solve excess temperature

We also have the possibility of diagnosing the cause of the failure to detect if it is a problem of the temperature of any component. For this we can use some specialized software such as happens with the free program HWiNFO64. This is in charge of giving us precise information about the installed hardware, including the temperature of the components.

Therefore, if we detect that the PC’s CPU or GPU gets too hot, one of the solutions is to open the case and remove as much dust as possible. This will improve air flow, although we can also change the fans and heatsinks to obtain better cooling.


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