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No downsizing! GM surprises with a new V8 engine


No downsizing!  GM surprises with a new V8 engine

There is still a way to go on gasoline.

In the middle of 2023, the automotive industry seems clearly destined to follow the paths of electrification, with increasingly smaller heat engines and an increasingly important presence of electrical blocks. Although it will be the general trend, there are those who stray from this marked path, as is the case of GM, which is going to develop a new V8 engine.

The American manufacturer has taken the sector by surprise, since it promised some time ago to, from 2035, manufacture and sell only electric cars. However, more than a decade remains to reach that point, a time that has been considered more than enough to make a significant investment in the development of the new V8 profitable.

Specifically, General Motors is going to invest 900 million dollars that will be distributed as follows: 64 will be used to manufacture parts for electric vehicles in the plants that the company has in Defiance and Rochester, while the remaining 854 million will go to to the Flint, Bay City, Defiance and Rochester factories for thermal blocks.

The project will aim to develop the sixth generation of its well-known Small Block V8, a propellant that has formed an integral part of the motorization of the United States.

In terms of time it makes sense that a new installment be developed, since the current generation has been on the market since 2013; but taking into account that its design is starting from scratch, it will take some time until the new one begins to be marketed, so the period during which it will be sold (with the limit of 2035) will not be very long.

GM has not specified which models will mount it, but it has indicated that they will be mainly SUVs and pick-ups. As a note, keep in mind that the recently introduced hybrid Chevrolet Corvette has a V8 heart, so the new one could also be part of electrified powertrains.

From the company they point out that this investment will ensure that the jobs of all the plants are maintained for several years and that the investment in gasoline engines makes sense because it is what consumers continue to demand.


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