Orange also raises the price of these rates by 2 euros


2023 has begun with widespread price increases throughout the communications sector. Some operators have already applied them to adjust for inflation and others like Orange are still waiting for this adjustment.

As March 12 arrives, the date on which the new conditions in the orange operator’s rates will come into force, today we can know that two new rates will also get on the bandwagon of rising prices.

Orange contract rates rise

The orange operator, which for the moment had only confirmed increases in combined fiber and mobile rates, will also do the same for mobile customers in the contract mode with unlimited gigabytes. As the French company has reported, shortly, it will begin to notify its customers of price changes in their rates, applying later than in competitors such as Movistar or Vodafone.

The Go Max TV rates will be 2 euros more expensive from March 2023. The Initial Go Max TV includes unlimited calls, unlimited gigabytes, 60 television channels and 37 GB of data in roaming. Its price rises from 35 to 37 euros per month. The Go Max TV Supra has the same conditions, but with 90 television channels and 42 GB in roaming. Its price also rises two euros, going from 40 to 42 euros per month.

Fiber and mobile rates will also rise

As in the case of contract rates, March 12 will also be the day on which other orange operator products rise, with a rise below the CPI for its fiber and mobile customers.

Orange grows in revenue

Orange will raise its rates by a maximum of 5 euros as of March 12, 2023. The amount varies depending on the rate in question. One of the main reasons for this rise is the cost of energy in Spain, although it is not the only one, since it also has to do with network investments. In addition, to this we must add the report on the EU price framework, in which we can see how prices in Spain have been falling “strongly”, according to the European Commission.

As of March 12, all Orange fiber and mobile packages will go up by 2 euros. And, for those clients who have also contracted soccer, they will see how their rate rises to 5 euros. Therefore, the increase in the rates of the French operator will be between 2 and 5 euros.


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