Prevent them from hacking your PC while you browse, this attack is more dangerous than you think


When you browse the Internet you can be the victim of a wide variety of attacks. Cybercriminals can compromise your security by sneaking in a virus, taking you to fake pages, or asking for information to scam you. In this article we echo something more common than it seems and that sometimes could become a real danger. We are going to talk about a term known as Pagejacking. We are going to explain what it consists of, how it affects you and what to do to avoid problems.

What is Pagejacking

We can say that Pagejacking is a technique that they use to redirect you to another web page other than the one you expect to reach. That is, you click on a link to go to a website, but you actually end up on a different one. You can arrive at a page that you will quickly see is not what you expected, but sometimes you can also end up on a website that is quite similar and difficult to differentiate.

Basically the name can be translated in Spanish as web page hijacking. The main objective of the attackers is to steal customers to a web page. They are going to take visitors to a different site where they can end up buying something or just generating income by visiting the page.

They can use images, texts and other means to impersonate the identity of the original website. Sometimes they do it so well that it’s really hard to tell the difference between the real page and the fake one. That is where the real problem begins. They are not only going to affect that website, but the visitors as well. They can get to steal information, passwords or strain some type of virus. After all, we are going to enter a fake website, controlled by the attackers.

It is not a new threat, far from it; Pagejacking has actually been around for many years. However we are now seeing a significant increase. Cyber ​​criminals seem to take advantage of this type of threat to redirect people to pages controlled by them.

Really anyone can be at risk. You may end up on a fake page even without knowing it. Although you’ll usually spot it, sometimes it’s so well done that it’s hard.

Malware via Word or PDF

What to do to avoid problems

So what should you do to avoid trouble and stay safe? The most important thing is to always check the websites you access very well. You can look at the URL, the general appearance, the text, images… You will always be able to detect errors or anything that makes you doubt.

Especially when logging in, making a payment or downloading a file, it is important that you check that you are really on the legitimate website and not a scam. Avoid basic mistakes that can negatively affect your privacy.

It is also important that you use secure programs. Especially the browser, which after all is what you are going to use to enter web pages, it needs to be good. There are many options, but we recommend that you use a guarantee browser. For example Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are good options.

Of course, something that cannot be missing is having a good antivirus. Some options like Windows Defender or Avast will help you avoid attacks of all kinds when browsing. Keeping the system updated will also help correct vulnerabilities that could put you in danger.

In short, as you can see, Pagejacking is an important problem that can compromise your security. Being protected and not making mistakes when browsing is essential to keep your data safe and the proper functioning of the system.


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