Remove noise from your photos with the help of Photoshop


Just a few years ago, everything related to photo retouching was limited to a few professionals in the sector. However, over time and thanks to certain software solutions such as Adobe Photoshop, these tasks have reached many more users.

That’s not to mention all those simpler programs that we can use at the moment both locally and from the web browser. But for all those who are looking for the best results, especially at a professional level, Photoshop is one of the most interesting options. Despite focusing on the professional market, this Adobe software is also more than adequate for all those who are looking for apparent results, with little or no knowledge.

How could it be otherwise, this program presents us with some of the most basic functions focused on photo editing. In addition, thanks to its internal operation, we can obtain truly impressive results with minimal effort. We will see a clear example of all this below when it comes to reducing or eliminating the annoying noise that we sometimes observe in our images. This element usually appears when we take the capture in low light, the device has low resolution, or it is simply an old file.

Be that as it may, if we are going to save that photographic file or share it with others, in most cases it is advisable to eliminate that noise that we are commenting on. For this, Adobe Photoshop can be of enormous help to us, whether we have knowledge of the program or not.

Reduce or remove noise from images in Photoshop

We tell you all this because this powerful application that many of you surely know, offers us several functions to eliminate this element directly. For all this that we tell you, we will have to use some of the filters that the application offers us. Obviously these are the ones in charge of reducing or completely eliminating the noise that we can find in our images. Therefore, to achieve this, the first thing we do, after starting the Adobe software, is to open the Filter menu on its main interface.

photoshop filter

In this section that appears on the screen we find several functions or filters related precisely to the noise of the images. We even see one of them that focuses on adding this element, something that professionals sometimes use. But in this case we are looking for the opposite effect, so the most appropriate filter is Reduce Noise, which we click on.

At that moment, a new window will appear with several slider bars that allow us to fully customize the application of this noise reduction effect. In addition, all the changes that we make through these will be effective in real time. This means that we can do as many tests as we want in Photoshop to remove this element and achieve the goal we are looking for in the photo.

photoshop noise

These sliders allow us to preserve the details of the image as necessary or to specify the intensity of the filter. In addition, we will be able to control the reduction of color noise, or remove the defects of the JPEG format.

Therefore, and although we are not experts in this type of treatment, we will achieve the desired objectives thanks to the facilities of the program. It’s all a matter of testing with the parameters exposed here to eliminate noise from the photo.


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