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Renault Espace or Kia Sorento, we choose the best option if you are thinking about your purchase


Renault Espace or Kia Sorento, we choose the best option if you are thinking about your purchase

Test of the Renault Espace 2.0 dCi

Kia's D-segment SUV

Toni Bader / AUTO BILD

Renault Espace or Kia Sorento? Today we analyze what these two models offer and we help you choose the best option if you are thinking about your purchase.

If you are looking for a family car with great roominess and a spacious trunk, it is best to choose a 7-seater vehicle, as long as you need more than 5 seats. If so, the most logical thing would be to buy an SUV, but there are still some minivans that can fulfill this function. Today we analyze the Renault Espace and the Kia Sorento to help you choose the best option.

To face them we are going to resort to a technical comparison where we will take into account aspects such as the dimensions, the trunk capacity, the range of engines, the most outstanding standard equipment and the prices. Finally, we will expose the strengths of each opponent and we will guide you to make the best possible purchase decision.


Let’s start with the Renault Espace, a large minivan that has to compete with SUV models to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive market. This model offers 4,860 mm in length, 1,890 mm in width and 1,675 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,885 mm.

Meanwhile, the Kia Sorento is a large SUV with exterior measurements of 4,810mm long, 1,900mm wide and 1,700mm high, with a 2,815mm wheelbase.


The trunk can be key to tip the balance to one side or the other when looking for a family vehicle. In the case of the Renault, the minivan is available with five seats and a 680-litre boot that can be expanded to 2,100 litres. The seven-seat variant offers 250 liters with seven seats, 615 liters with five and 2,035 liters with just two.

In the case of the Kia, it is available with an interior of only seven seats, which means that its trunk has a volumetric capacity of between 610 and 810 liters depending on the position of the rear seats, and can reach almost 2,000 liters per seat. lower the two rear rows.


In the engine section, the Espace is only available with two diesel mechanics, both based on the 2.0-liter Blue dCi engine. The first offers 160 hp of power, while the second increases this figure to 190 hp. Both are mated to a six-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic transmission with front-wheel drive.

The Sorento offers a 200 hp 2.2 CRDi diesel version, a 230 hp non-plug-in hybrid variant and a 265 hp plug-in hybrid version with up to 60 kilometers of electric range. The engines are associated with automatic transmissions of six or eight relationships, as well as front-wheel drive or 4×4 systems.

Standard equipment

As for the standard equipment of the Renault Espace (Techno finish), we have braking assistant, safety distance alert, 7-inch digital instrument panel, hands-free access and starting, driving modes, lane keeping assistant, control blind spot, 18-inch wheels, panoramic roof, LED headlights and 9.3-inch touch screen with browser.

In the case of the Kia Sorento (Drive finish) we find the 18-inch wheels, the 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, parking sensors, emergency braking assistant with pedestrian recognition, browser, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, power seats, LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and start, and highway assist.



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As for the prices of the Renault Espace, the Techno version with the 2.0 Blue dCi 160 hp engine and EDC automatic gearbox is available from 43,803 euros.

However, the Kia Sorento Drive, with the 200 hp 2.2 CRDi engine and dual-clutch automatic transmission, has a starting price of 50,100 euros.


As you can see, the Renault Espace is 50mm longer, 10mm narrower and 25mm lower than the Kia Sorento, although it offers 70mm more wheelbase. The trunk is very similar in both models, slightly larger in the Renault, which also offers the possibility of choosing between 5 and 7 seats.

The range of engines is broader, more varied and more powerful in the Kia model, which stands out for its electrified versions with the ECO label and 0 Emissions from the DGT, as well as the option of having 4×4 traction.

The standard equipment is very complete in the levels of access to the range of both models, but the prices are on the side of the Renault Espace, which is about 6,300 euros cheaper in its most basic version.


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