Take advantage of this super discount from Securízame in courses for Black Friday


This week we can see offers of all kinds due to Black Friday and one more example are the Securízame courses that you can find at a reduced price. You should bear in mind that they are available with a 25% discount only from Friday 25 to Monday 28 November. You can take advantage of this opportunity for all your online and online++ courses.

Securízame courses on sale for Black Friday

Securízame has a long history of more than 10 years offering specialized training in cybersecurity. It has a wide variety of courses that both individuals and companies can take advantage of to train their employees. Now all this is available with a 25% discount for a few days taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

These courses can be taught online, so you can hire them and be able to do them no matter where you are. In addition, they also have specific courses for companies that are carried out privately. You will be able to acquire knowledge related to cybersecurity, with topics such as ethical hacking, forensics, defensive security or specific cybersecurity Python courses.

But you will also find the option of online courses++, a new modality that was incorporated in 2020. It is a much more personalized training that has updated material. These courses will include tutorial sessions and practical exercises always followed by the teaching staff. They are 100% courses through the Internet, so you will not have to go anywhere, or follow fixed schedules.

Black Friday in Securízame courses

How to take advantage of the discount on Securízame courses

You can take advantage of the 25% discount for Black Friday in Securízame courses in a simple way. What you have to do is go to their website, in the courses section, and there you will see all the ones that are available. You will see that they are divided into different sections and everything is very well structured. When you click on any course you will see its usual price. But once you register, the 25% discount will automatically be applied if you do it between Friday 25 and Monday 28 November. As you will see, it is an interesting discount for any course offered by Securízame.

It doesn’t matter when you want to take the course. This discount is applied regardless of the date you want to start it, since you can select to start next year, for example. Therefore, you can buy a course now and take advantage of the 25% discount for Black Friday, but do it later in a few weeks or months.

On the other hand, to complement the discount for Black Friday, from Securízame they have decided to give away access to their most recent online course ++: Advanced Hardening in Windows Infrastructures. To be able to obtain it for free, you enter the draw if you buy any other course, in addition to the option of participating in a dynamic that they have prepared on their official Twitter.

In short, if you are looking to take a cybersecurity course you can take advantage of this interesting 25% discount offered by Securízame due to Black Friday. A good time to buy a course and improve your training in something as demanded as computer security.


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