Thanks to this IPTV list you can watch more than 7000 channels for free


IPTV lists, generally, have always been related to free access to payment platforms, although this was not its purpose when it came to light, but to be able to offer the possibility of watching TV over the Internet, without the need to use an antenna. or satellite. These types of platforms are perfectly legal in Spain and other countries, as long as content protected by copyright is not transmitted.

If you are a regular on these lists and are tired of searching the internet for alternatives that really work, you need look no further. The solution is to use a gigantic list of television channels that broadcast in the open or over the Internet completely free of charge available on GitHub. We are talking about a list with more than 7,000 television channels, of which more than 1,300 are in Spanish, both from Spain and Latin America.

Unlike other lists, which, although they include channels that broadcast openly, are paid, the list that we have at our disposal on GitHub It is completely free and is regularly updated. In addition, it allows us to access content classified by categories, language, country and region.

More than 1,300 free channels in Spanish

Unlike other lists, from the GitHub page where the project is available, we can independently download a complete list with all the channels or only the channels available in Spanish. If we only want to download the channels in Spanish, we can do it directly through this link.


from this link, we can download all available channels, including adult channels. We can also download a list excluding those channels from here. But, in addition, we can also download the lists independently based on categoriesfor Languagesfor countries and by regions.

As we can see, accessing all the channels through this project is very simple, since we only have to select what interests us the most or download all the lists and save them with the name of the IPTV application that we are going to use, regardless whether it is a desktop or mobile app.

How to access this channel list from Windows

The number of IPTV programs available on Windows is very high. If you already use an application of this type, it is not necessary to change, since the format of this list is the same as always. m3u. But, if we still do not use any of these applications, we can take a look at how they work through the free VLC application.

VLC is not only the best video player on the market, but also includes a large number of additional features such as the ability to open lists in .m3u format. To import an IPTV list in .m3u format, once we have opened the application, we must go to the Media section and click on Open file to select the file that we have downloaded.


We can also use the Open Network location option, also available in the Media menu, and enter the URL of the address where the .m3u file is located. To switch between the different available channels, we must click on the 3 horizontal lines that respond to the Alternate playlist function. We can use the search box located at the top right to search for the name of the channel we want to see.


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