The definitive trick in case your Android TV works slowly


We usually have problems with the speed of our mobile or our computer, but there is also another device connected to the Internet that we use daily and that we must take into account: the television. If your Smart TV with Android TV is too slow, you can follow these tips and tricks to improve performance and prevent your Android TV from working slowly. Or slower than usual.

Although it may be a problem with your Internet connection if the series or movies do not load, it may also be that there is too much installed on your television, you can check it to improve speed and loading times.

Delete what you don’t use

Deleting the applications that you do not use is one of the best tricks to make any device work better. We do it continuously on the mobile or we uninstall on the computer, but it is also important that you do it on the television if it is too slow and if Android TV does not work as it should.

In the case of Android TV, it is not difficult to do this, but surely you have been accumulating applications that you no longer use and that you should remove from your television because you installed it once for something and have not used it again. In this case, the steps are very simple and you simply have to go to the settings of the Android TV application and look for the “install” section where you must touch to delete it.

delete cache

Another option to improve the performance of your Android TV is to delete its cache. The cache is a part or space of the device in which temporary files of each application are stored with the intention of speeding up processes and improving loading times based on your routines, your tastes… They are not junk files because they help us to everything loads faster but also, accumulated in excess, they take up space on our television and can cause a performance problem.

Therefore, from time to time it may be advisable that you clear the cache or leave only the cache of the applications that you use the most. To clear the cache on Android TV we must follow some very simple steps:

  • We turn on the TV with the remote control.
  • We access the settings or configuration section
  • We look for the “Applications” section
  • We open one by one the applications that we have
  • We will see a series of sections: storage, detention, permits…
  • We choose the option “Clear cache”

In each application we will see the option to “clear cache” but also the option to “clear data” and you must take into account that deleting the cache will not delete your session or your passwords, but if we delete data, all stored information will be deleted.

factory reset

If none of the above works, we can factory reset the Smart TV, although this will delete all our data and information stored on the television. Resetting it implies going back to the initial values, so we will have to install all the apps again, log in to each one of them and organize it as we have it at the moment we do it.

It is somewhat slower and more expensive but it is usually a definitive solution if all of the above has not helped you at all.


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