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The DGT recalls the management that is mandatory for some drivers


The DGT recalls the management that is mandatory for some drivers

The obligations for drivers are not always the same and it is that, depending on which group you belong to (novices or professionals, for example), you “play” with certain rules. The DGT is reminding a very specific type of driver, those who appear as legal persons, a management that they have to carry out on a mandatory basis.

Legal persons can be of many types (companies, associations, corporations, etc.) and all those who have a vehicle have to register yes or yes with the Electronic Road Address.

This is due to a change implemented by the General Directorate of Traffic since last November. Then, the agency stopped sending communications in the form of letters to legal subjects, moving to exclusively electronic communications, so it is necessary for users in this category to register.

It is a simple process that can be done from the digital headquarters of the DGT, which can be accessed as long as you have a driving license and the digital certificate.

Once on the web, you have to go to ‘Other procedures’, then ‘Electronic notification’ and, once there, fill in the form that appears, which will ask for certain contact information such as email or phone number. telephone, in order to have several contact channels through which to send communications.

In fact, the website itself warns of the following: “Remember that if an email or mobile phone is not communicated to the DGT for this purpose, notices of the availability of traffic fine notifications will not be received.”

Although it is mandatory for legal persons, this process is also available to other drivers, who can do it if they wish. Among the advantages it presents is the faster arrival of notices and communications, being able to see information related to infractions, etc.


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