These are the operators with the highest quality: the first gets more than a 9 in everything


Service quality matters. Not only when it comes to having a better or worse connection, but also the number of breakdowns suffered by users and the number of complaints that customers make to their telephone companies must be taken into account. Having all these clear points, we already know which is the best operator.

Within this 2022 quality analysis, we find the following operators: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Grupo MásMóvil (MásMóvil, Pepephone and Yoigo) and the former Euskaltel Group (Euskaltel, R and Telecable).

Movistar above the rest of the operators

The data does not lie. Movistar has managed to have an average above 9 in each of the categories that have been analyzed in this study carried out throughout 2022. Therefore, the blue operator reaches the following scores to have an average of 9.12 points:

  • Fixed broadband: 9.06 points.
  • Mobile broadband: 9.19 points.

If we look at the main competitors of this company, such as the MásMóvil Group, Vodafone or Orange, we can see that, in second place, is the entire MásMóvil group (MásMóvil, Pepephone and Yoigo), then we find Orange and, lastly, to Vodafone:

  • MásMóvil Group: fixed broadband with 7.37 points and mobile broadband with 7.90 points (average of 7.63 points).

  • Orange: fixed broadband with 6.50 points and mobile broadband with 7.27 points (average 6.88 points).

  • Vodafone: fixed broadband with 7.60 points and mobile broadband with 6.02 points (average 6.81 points).

Operator quality 2022

However, if we add the Eusktaltel Group to this list, it would then be in last place with an average of 6.52 points: fixed broadband with 7.25 points and mobile broadband with 5.78 points.

Claims, breakdowns and connection flow

However, it is also important to know the percentage of breakdowns suffered by the clients of the operators that have been analyzed throughout this 2022, as well as the number of claims that users have made to their telephone companies. As well as the download and upload flow:

  • breakdowns

In the case of breakdowns, only two operators are below 1%: Vodafone with 0.76% and Movistar with 0.99%. The rest of the telephone companies are between 1.40% and 1.83%, except Euskaltel, which has 2.33%.

In addition, the number of hours needed to repair connection problems in customers’ homes has also been taken into account. In this case, Movistar uses 46 hours, while R is the one that takes the longest, with 165 hours (almost 7 days). For example, Vodafone with about 50 and MásMóvil 54 hours. Within the target period to repair the breakdowns, the only operator that comes close to 100% is Movistar, with 99%. In second place, we find Orange, which reaches 86%.

  • Discharge and rise flow

Another detail that has been analyzed in this study has been the download and upload flows (average speed/speed offered) of the operators. In this section, Euskaltel comes out with some advantage over the rest for giving more than the upload speed that the user contracts and being the second closest to the theoretical speed in downloading.

download and upload flow operators

  • claims

As for the claims from customers to the operators, we can see how MásMóvil is the operator with the highest volume of landline claims (43.06). In addition, Movistar (8.19) is the telephone company with the best behavior among national operators. Next, we find Vodafone and Orange, both presenting a volume between 22 and 28. However, the operator with the lowest volume of claims is Euskaltel with 4.75.

For mobile service claims, we have this data, 1.19 from Movistar, Orange and MásMóvil with 1.50 and Vodafone with 4.23. Regarding convergent rates: Movistar has 1.4, Vodafone has 9, Orange is close to 4.


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