This is how I manage not to lose a single auction on eBay


When buying online, we have at our disposal a large number of options. On the one hand, we have Amazon, where we can find any type of product and receive it at our home without leaving home and, generally, always at the best price. Other interesting platforms where we can also find new products are El Corte Inglés, MediaMarkt and eBay among others. However, if we are looking for the best price and we do not care if it is a new or used product, the only platform that offers that is eBay.

Like YouTube, it is the most popular and used online video platform in the world. If we talk about websites where we can buy new and second-hand products, the benchmark for more than 25 years has been eBay, a platform that was born focused on the sale of second-hand products through auctions but which, over time, has has been adapting to the competition that Amazon’s arrival on the market has brought. If you want to know how to get the most out of this platform, in addition to using extensions, then we show you the best way to do it.

Activate product tracking

Each of the products available on eBay includes a button that allows us to track the product. By clicking on this button, eBay will periodically remind us of any changes in its price. It will also inform us 15 minutes before the end of the auction, which will allow us to check if the price you have at that and consider bidding or letting it escape.

eBay - Item Tracking

Look for second-hand options

If we are looking for a new product, but it gets out of hand due to its high price, we can look for that same second-hand product. We must pay close attention to the details of the item and, above all, the location, because when we search on eBay, the products available worldwide are displayed by default. It is important to know the location of the item since shipping costs can be very expensive.

Check seller profile

Like any other platform worth its salt, each of the eBay sellers has a user profile, a profile that allows us to get an idea of ​​whether it is a reliable seller or if, on the contrary, it is one that just arrived on the platform. In these cases, it is advisable to opt for the payment method through eBay since it assures us that, if it is a scam, the platform will take care of returning the money without any problem.

eBay - Seller Profile

Read the description well

It is very important to read the description of the item since all the problems or imperfections that it may present should be found in it. If we have any questions, or the description is not very clear, we can contact the buyer through the same platform, by clicking on the Contact seller button.

Check product photos

It is just as important to read the description as to check the product photos. Except for new products, we should not rely on non-product images. If the description indicates that it has some type of damage, this must be seen in the product images to be able to check and determine if it is reason enough to look for another item.


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