This is the money it will cost you to domotize your kitchen, and it is not expensive at all


Home automation is becoming more widespread and we have a large number of options available. We can buy a wide variety of devices to automate tasks, optimize resources and also save energy. In this article we are going to talk about automatizing the kitchen. We are going to explain how much it would cost you to buy some basic devices to make your kitchen smart.

How much would it cost to automate a kitchen

First of all, it should be mentioned that to make a kitchen smart we can count on many devices. Some of them can be really expensive, like a Wi-Fi fridge, while others are going to be very cheap, like a smart light bulb or plug.

Let’s start from the basics, from the cheapest devices that you can use to start making your kitchen smart. You do not need to spend a lot of money for it and you can always complete it with a smart oven, a refrigerator with Wi-Fi and other appliances where you will have to make a more expensive investment.

smart faucet

An example of what you can domotize in your kitchen without a large investment is to install a smart faucet. Although the complete faucet can cost more money, you can keep the one you already have and simply fit an adapter. In this way you will have a smart faucet that will also allow you to save water.

It works very simply. Basically it has a small integrated battery that is charged by micro USB and lasts up to 9 months. This allows you to activate the built-in sensor and you only have to pass your hand to turn the tap on or off without having to touch anything. In addition, some models turn off automatically after 2 minutes of doing nothing in case you forgot to leave it open. You can buy it from just over €40.

Wi-Fi plugs

Another very simple and at the same time economical option to automate the kitchen is to use plugs with Wi-Fi. They are very useful since you can connect other devices such as a coffee maker, an oven, etc. to them. With these plugs you will be able to control household appliances remotely through your mobile, no matter where you are.

For example, you can schedule the coffee maker to turn on at a certain time or the oven to start preheating so that when you get home you can put the food in and save time. They are cheap devices and some can even measure consumption. Plugs cost from around €10.

Light bulbs

One of the most common devices when starting home automation are smart bulbs. You can also buy them for your kitchen. You can control the on or off by voice or remotely, as well as use sensors to turn them on or off when you enter and leave the kitchen.

There are many different models and the truth is that over time the price has been falling. You can find them quite cheap. Also, if you have old light bulbs, you will be able to save energy by using options of this type, with lower consumption. You can buy them from €9-10 and they also sell them in packs.


Regarding sensors, you have a wide range of options available. For example, temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide sensors… You can buy different types and be able to check the information at any time or receive alerts if there is any kind of problem.

Although you can install them anywhere, the kitchen can be an ideal location. These devices are not expensive, although it will depend on the model. For example, a carbon monoxide sensor can be purchased for around €25 and a temperature and humidity sensor can be purchased for €10-15. There are even “all in one”.

In short, these are some options that you have to automate your kitchen economically. As we have mentioned, we have not included appliances that can be more expensive. For example, an oil-free fryer with Wi-Fi, a smart microwave, a refrigerator, etc. In those cases you will have to pay more.


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