This is the Tablet you are looking for to watch movies: 10-inch screen and 4 speakers


At this point it is not necessary to comment that we take our mobile phone anywhere and use it for multiple tasks. Even to watch movies and series on its small screen. Although there are other products also within the mobility market that will be more useful for these tasks, as is the case with this tablet on sale that we are going to talk about.

Thanks to the Internet and the different online platforms and applications that we can use right now, we have the possibility to play, watch movies or work anywhere. All this thanks to the reduced technological products that we have at our fingertips and also at reasonable prices. Here we are not only referring to the mobile phones that you all carry in your pocket at the moment.

Within this hardware sector we also find very light laptops to always carry with us. It is also worth highlighting the tablets that have been with us for so many years so that we can choose the model that best suits what we need. This is precisely the case that concerns us in these same lines that you will surely love. More if we take into account that it is a device from the renowned manufacturer Lenovo.

Well, at this point we will tell you that we are talking about the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus model, a device that will not disappoint almost anyone thanks to everything it offers us.

Your movies and series wherever you go with this discounted tablet

The first thing worth noting about this particular model is that it offers us a 10.6-inch high-definition screen. All this with an attractive design so that we can use it anywhere, even in professional environments.

tablet lenovo

On the other hand, we will say that this is a device based on a powerful MediaTek Helio G80 processor which in turn is accompanied by a total of 4 gigabytes of RAM. As far as the storage section of this tablet is concerned, it is certainly not badly served. To save our files and applications we will have 128 gigabytes. Due to all this we can affirm that this is a device that, in addition to working comfortably with it, we can use it in our moments of leisure.

This means that we will have the possibility to enjoy the games here or watch movies in high definition. For this, it is important to know that the tablet has 4 integrated speakers in order to enjoy the best sound when we use it. It is also important to know that in terms of connectivity we will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It must be said that right now we can comfortably receive this discounted tablet from Amazon for 189 euros thanks to the 24% discount right now.

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